The importance of likes

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You thought about something,

Something, you would like to post;

But will people like what you write?,

Who will it touch the most?


Perhaps, some one out there will like it,

Some one else might comment;

But the number of views is the truest,

Displaying the many who shared my moment.


But then why do I think,

How many likes the post will get;

Is it really more important?,

Than sharing my mind text.


Still people share, and want to be appreciated,

So like that post, which you read;

It is just a click for you,

But is the encouragement that author needs.


So, what are you supposed to do at this time?

You are given the thing you don’t want, and then you are asked to appreciate it because others don’t have it.

What now?

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What should you do now? Where do you go now and how do you correct these things? Do you slowly begin to appreciate these things and love them in your own way. Or do you start hating it even more and are relieved after that thing is taken away from you?