So, what are you supposed to do at this time?

You are given the thing you don’t want, and then you are asked to appreciate it because others don’t have it.

What now?

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What should you do now? Where do you go now and how do you correct these things? Do you slowly begin to appreciate these things and love them in your own way. Or do you start hating it even more and are relieved after that thing is taken away from you?

Trump will step AWAY from business

In recent news, Donald Trump has tweeted that documents are being prepared that takes him completely out of the Trump global business empire and will be transferred to three of his eldest children: Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump.

Trump had previously said that he had no need to separate from the business organization according to the ‘law’ but due to the position and responsibilities of the President, Trump thinks that it is important to show that he has no conflict of interest with the role.

Here is the full article regarding the news.

Donald Trump’s inauguration will be on January 20. People are both excited as well as afraid to see what Trump’s term will be for the United States of America.

What is your purpose and who are you?!

Well, we always think “Did we do this right?” and “Did what we do, was the right thing to do in the first place?” We think about our destiny and how can we make a change to the society. We think about our love for others and our love towards things that we can and want to do.

But what is it you really want to do? Most of us, even at an age of 30 or 40, we don’t know whether what we are doing right then is what we want to do. Were these dreams mine when I was a child? Was this the profession I wanted to end up in after graduating?

Here is a great article by Mark Mason. I liked the article and how he makes you question yourself.

It’s not about what others want you to be, It’s what you want to be for others.

The truth and fascination of swordfighting!

Many of us haven’t even seen a real sword but we think that we all know about sword fighting. Evidently, sword fighting isn’t as it is displayed in TV, movies, anime, fiction books and so many other sources.

We hear shouts and cries, see the hero charge in with all rage, but that’s not how it works. Ancient people hardly went on the defensive with their swords and even less would exchange blows between swords.

Here is an excellent article that tells you what real swordfighting is about, and how, if you want, can you learn to be a better sword fighter both mentally and physically. Swordfighting is actually a progession even now and needs to get proper devotion to achieve its mastery.