Drive Carefully… Esp on highways with no reflectives!

haryana road accident ambala chandigarh

A 50 vehicle pile up happened in Ambala, Haryana on Saturday morning (December 29th), killing seven people and injuring more than four people. As per the initial investigations, a truck coming from the opposite direction, rammed into two cars on the Ambala-Chandigarh National Highway due to poor visibility owing to heavy fog.

Bus and Truck drivers have been called out several times in India due to their rash driving, with accidents happening frequently.
“The victims, who were in two cars, were on their way from Chandigarh to Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh. They had stopped on the highway as one of the cars developed a snag and the heavy vehicle rammed into their cars from behind in the heavy fog.”

Police said the driver of the unidentified heavy vehicle escaped from the spot. Such is the human behavior, running away from the incident even after making such a serious mistake. Hopefully justice will be served soon.

At the same time, what is the best way to stop any such incidents from happening in the future? Use of proper reflectives, side-rails along the roads are things that the government should consider while making national highways. At the same time strict regulations should be placed on speed especially that of heavy vehicles.

Reference: 7 killed in Ambala-Chandigarh highway

Why do you blog?

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Indeed, why do you?

Some people blog for fame, Some for attention, Some for improving their writing, Some to share their ideas and other things they like, Some because they are bored, Some because they are emotional and want to scream something out to the world.


I often wonder before writing and posting something, why am I doing this? Sometimes its the greed of getting more likes (no, honestly), sometimes I want to share an interesting article. But that’s not true always. Their is a different thought, a different emotion attached with every post, and that’s how it should be.

If you are regular here, then you might have noticed that I post a motivational quote everyday. It is as much for others, as it is for myself. I do need motivation to keep blogging, to keep doing other things like waking up in the morning for tennis, etc.

I sometimes post a news article because I think its worth to share news, something that needs to be seen by others.

I sometimes post a picture, because I want to share what I saw, and what you are missing by lazing around. It’s a reminder for myself what all there is to see in the world, and what will I miss.

I sometimes post my thoughts, because I am feeling emotional and like a total failure, and I want to  s h o u t  out to the world, so that someone asks me about it.

I sometimes post nothing, because somehow, the day went well and was pretty busy.

This is all me. There is a different emotion in any person at different times.

So, why do you post what you post?

BTW wish you are having an awesome valentine’s week!


Swiss firm acquires Mars One Project!

The Dutch, Mars One Foundation and British Mars One Ventures were aiming to send an unmanned mission to Mars in 2018. The companies announced last Friday that it had been acquired by InFin Innovative Finance AG. This takeover, furnishes a well built and funded path for the Mars One project.

The aim of Mars One project is to send manned missions to Mars by the year 2026, prior to which it plans to send several unmanned missions to the Red Planet for testing the environment.

Even NASA doesn’t have any manned missions planned before the 2030’s. We wish Mars One project luck and also wish to see an inhabited Red Planet soon (almost two more decades!)

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Dr. Benjamin Bloom (1956)

The Bloom’s Taxonomy establishes six levels of thinking. They are as follows:

1. Knowledge – Building awareness of a topic

2. Comprehension – Understanding a topic

3. Application – Knowledge and Comprehension put to practical use

4. Analysis – How the topic works and affects other topics

5. Synthesis – Combining Knowledge, Comprehension, Application and Analysis of multiple topics together

6. Evaluation – Judging the value of a topic

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy to be out next year!

Many of us are familiar with the Uncharted series games on PlayStations. Remember the character Chloe Fraser from Uncharted 2 and Nadine Ross from Uncharted 4? They both will be the leading protagonists in this instalment of the Uncharted series.

The Uncharted series creator NaughtyDog is also calling this the first stand alone story chapter in the Uncharted series, meaning it will have no story link whatsoever to the previous Uncharted games.

One of the best part about this game is that the story appears to be set in India. There are Indian soldiers talking in Hindi.

Check out the whole article here!

Personally I have played the first three instalments of the series (Uncharted 1,2 and 3: Nathan drake’s legacy) and I enjoyed them, so this will be one of the games on my bucket list to try out!

Say goodbye to WhatsApp on older phones

The facebook owned-app WhatsApp officially announced that it will be stopping its services on older smartphones as these won’t be able to support the upgraded services that the app is going to provide.

The team also announced that it will be trying to focus on smartphones that most of the people currently own, mostly the new versions of Android, iOS and Microsoft, so that it can help people connect with families, friends, work, and others easy.

The phones on which WhatsApp will stop providing services by the end of this year are:

Android 2.1/2.2

Windows Phone 7

iPhone 3GS/iOS 6

WhatsApp will also stop support for Blackberry 10, Nokia S40 and Nokia Dymbian S60 by June 2017!

Trump calls Taiwan

In the major headlines today, Trump called the Taiwanese President Ms. Tsai! This is the first time a US President-elect has made direct phone contact with Taiwan.

According to Trump’s President office White House wasn’t informed about this call before. The statement released by the office also said that the two leaders admitted that “close economic, political and security ties” exist between the two nations.

US has maintained strict relations with Taiwan as China considers Taiwan as its own province whereas the Taiwanese government think of Taiwan as an independent nation. This direct contact will surely bring tensions between the US-China relations.

Everyone is just waiting for a response from Beijing (China) and how it will handle this situation, considering the deep trade relations with the United States.

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Nokia, resurrected

HMD global Oy is a six month old company (established May 2016) which now has its reins on the future of Nokia smartphones.

The plan is to use android, made is tight collaboration with Google, with the Nokia in-house technologies and launch a simple enhanced version of the phone during the first half of 2017. The focus of the market will be India! (I wish to get hands on it as soon as it is available in the market)

HMD Global Oy was formed with the main purpose of “securing the licensing deal and to bring the iconic Nokia brand back to the mobile market.” Nearly all HMD executives have had a Nokia connection, in fact some of them have been Nokia employees in the past.

Here is the full article!

So well written!

This article is great. Although I have already posted this once, I want to do it again just to make people read about Confidence and how they can earn mastery in the field of their choice through hard work and dedication.

I was one of the people who wasn’t very active and least confident in himself but though dedication I will be able to manage better. I should add that I might be in he latter part of apprenticeship stage, so don’t give up. Just know I am here for you!

When you develop confidence through mastery, the world opens up to you. It doesn’t depend on your genes, it doesn’t rely on other people’s opinions, and nobody can ever take it from you. There’s no truer confidence than the knowledge that no matter how you were born, or what life throws at you, you can make of yourself whatever you will.

How to forge True Confidence