Cannot save the great barrier reef?

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Scientists have reported to the Australian government that the Great Barrier Reef cannot be saved by the plans/policies mentioned in the Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan. This is mainly due to the mass bleaching events, especially due to climate change.

The AU$2 billion Reef 2050 plan was launched in March 2015, with an aim of improving the “universal value” of the world’s largest coral reef every decade leading up to 2050.

According to the latest results, the coral death in 2017 is much higher than what was predicted. That is to say, the previously estimated 22 percent death of corals has now increased to 29 percent.

It is being asked by the scientists to review the Reef 2050 plan and add measures to counter climate change, such as reducing greenhouse emissions.

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This is a disaster. Coral reefs form one of the world’s most beautiful ecosystem, attracting thousands of tourists. Not only that, it is a habitat of thousands of water species as well.

Malcolm Turnbull says visa changes ‘carefully considered’

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Mr Shorten commented on Malcolm Turnbull that This is a guy who’s going to be tough on antique dealers and deer farmers but he’s still going to allow mechanics and nurses to come in from overseas. The comments come after more than 200 occupations such as actors, singers, deer and goat farmers, shoemakers, etc. were taken off a list of jobs that foreign workers were allowed to do in Australia.

Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, also announced that the Australian government is considering new visa classification of ‘provisional migrant’.

Following in the footsteps, New Zealand also announced a ‘Kiwis first’ immigration policy, bringing it in line with Australia and the US.

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Well, all the countries are in for themselves, which is not a bad thing if they wish to grow and take better care of their own citizens first. However, if this continues, the coming world will be a cruel and selfish one.

Apparent hate crime in Melbourne ‘church’ against Indian priest

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A 72-year old, Indian Catholic priest was attacked while leading the Sunday mass in a Melbourne church. The priest was stabbed in the neck just moments before he was about to say the 11a.m. mass at the church.

It is believed that the offender, Rev Tomy Kalathoor Mathew (48), told the priest that because he was Indian, he must be a hindu or a muslim and therefore can’t be saying mass.

Currently, the priest is recovering from a non life-threatening injury.

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Severe coral bleaching at Great Barrier Reef

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The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), which carried out the first survey for 2017 over the area between Carins and Townsville in Queensland state, declared widespread damage from an underwater heatwave.

It is believed that the cause of bleaching of large areas of coral is warmer water temperatures. Warm waters force corals to expel algae living within their tissues, turning themselves white. The coral may die on the six to 12 months after bleaching.

It was estimated that two-thirds of coral coverage died in a 700 km stretch of the reef north of Port Douglas last year due to bleaching.

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Christmas Day bombing stopped!

An increase in security around the world has put security and police forces on alert. This was due to the recent attack in Berlin, Germany, where IS claimed the truck attack into the Christmas Market.

Fortunately for Australia, the police caught seven people who were suspected of planning a series of Christmas Day bomb attacks in the heart of Melbourne. Two of the seven people initially arrested in raids Thursday night and Friday morning in Melbourne were released without being charged while the other five men remained in custody and will be charged for preparing a terrorist attack.

The suspects had been inspired by the Islamic State group and planned attacks on Melbourne’s Flinders Street train station, neighboring Federeation Square and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Police said that the attackers were planning to use explosives, knives and a gun.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said, “Islamist terrorism is a global challenge that affects us all. But we must not be cowed by the terrorists.” Read the full article here.

Earthquake felt in northern Australia and Indonesia

An earthquake, an undersea-quake, hit about 278 kilometres east-northeast of Dili in East Timor at a depth of 158 kilometres. The 6.5 magnitude quake was felt in northern Australia and some parts of Indonesia. Residents in Darwin reported widespread shaking, but there were no reports of damage. No tsunami warning was issued.

The Darwin based Bureau of Meteorology said that people on the third floor were shaken from the quake, and that ‘it lasted several minutes’. In Indonesia, residents in the southwest of the Moluccas island chain felt the quake although there were no reports of damage or casualties. Read the full article here.

Australia and France to build Largest Diesel-Electric Submarines!

France beat German and Japanese rivals to secure the Australian contract in April. Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian signed the $41 billion deal on Tuesday, to build the world’s largest diesel-electric submarines in the Australian industrial town of Adelaide. The contract is to build 12 submarines for the given amount, the largest capital project in Australia’s history.

The deal will employ a workforce of 2,800 people starting 2022. Mr Turnbull was seen saying that Security is uncertain around the world and that is why there is a need to re-equip the navy and defence forces.

The submarines, named Shortfin Barracuda Block1A will be 97 meters (318 feet) long and will weight 4,500 metric tonnes, which is 2.5 meters shorter and 200 metric tonnes lighter than the French nuclear sub. Read the full article here.