The courageous singer.

“Mom, I will be back by 12 in the night. The concert gets over by 11”, an excited Tina told her mom as she was leaving the house with her friends, “Don’t wait for me, just go to sleep if I am late.”

Her mom looked at her. She looks so excited, then again it is the first concert she will be attending. And she says she will be back by 12… I mean which concert gets over before 1, her mom thought, oh my girl is so innocent. She waved Tina goodbye, and asked her to carry a cellphone at all times.

Tina and her friend reached the venue around 9, and found some local singer singing. They were told that the lead singer always comes late in such concerts and won’t be coming before 11-ish. All they could do was wave their hands in the air just like others, admire the celebrity whom they didn’t come to listen to.

After an hour of standing, they found a place to sit next to the bar and ordered a couple of drinks, and some potato fries. It was yet another hour to 11. Let’s just wait here for the lead singer, they thought.

Another hour and more than four drinks down, they heard people shouting in excitement. It seemed the lead singer had finally arrived.

The atmosphere has changed suddenly, even the beats have changed. Woah. So, this is what happens when the lead walks in, Tina thought. She grabbed her friend’s hand, who was still half tipsy, and pushed towards the front of the crowd. After reaching the desired point, they put their hands in the air again and began to move with the tune if the music. This is amazing!

No one even realized as another hour passed by, and almost everyone was doused in sweat with the constant dancing and singing. And no one even realized as it started, at some point of time, a man carrying something heavy came to the front of the stage.

He shouted at the top of his voice, “It’s my show now”, as he was taking out the semi-automatic from his bag.

The lead singer was the first to notice, and before anyone could question, he jumped off the stage with his guitar and BAM! He hit the guy with such force that the guitar broke. The loud noise went over the place through his mic, and then he yelled for people to call 911.

The man was bleeding profusely, and even the semi-automatic he had been carrying seemed like a ton now. Dropping the semi-automatic, he held his head with one hand, and took out a small pistol from his pocket. He looked at the singer for a second, and then shot him in the chest before passing out on the ground.

The police and medic reached within five minutes, and fortunately there were no casualties.


Please people. Pray for the souls that have lost their lives in such shootings and condemn such hatred toward society! We need to help each other out and do everything in our power to prevent any such shootings from happening in the future.

Insecurity within

In the mighty world of today,
Everyone feels the same;
People can’t trust the neighbors,
Or even those with whom they stay.

Our eyes have become so biased,
We love to see something beautiful;
And yet close our heart for them,
Whom we actually need to pull.

Even in the same apartment,
People hardly get to talk;
How will they ever know,
What the other does in his walks.

One is robbing the bank,
While the other might be ordinary;
One is stacking away cash,
While other doesn’t have a worry.

Even the friends are so insecure,
Because their partners can cheat;
Is this the level of trust you want?
Such a relation is completely beat.

How did people become so insecure,
Why have they lost their faith;
They are willing to donate thousands in temples,
Yet hesitant to give one on a beggars plate?

Then there are such attacks around,
That targets different countries everyday;
People killing in the name of religion,
Spreading to everyone their radical way.

Why do we wish for heroes,
When we can ask for help;
Rather than having the easy solution,
We look for the lonely way, welp.

Why and how was this born,
This insecure feeling that we keep;
When and why did our heart stop,
The warmth that was once so deep.


Chapter 27 – 1Q84 (Haruki Murakami)

They had neither the power nor the knowledge to know what they should offer to each other, what they should be seeking. They had never, ever, been truly loved, or truly loved someone else. They had never held anyone, never been held. They had no idea, either, where this action would take them. What they entered then was a doorless room. They couldn’t get out, nor could anyone else come in.