Hesitant steps.

It’s distributed in levels,
The love I have for you;
Hesitant to take every step,
Is the next one already due?

What if I take the next step,
But all there is just darkness;
Will you be the light to guide me,
Or leave me longing for some brightness?

I really want to climb further,
If you would allow me to;
Else there is nothing I can do,
Please just give me a clue?

I think we can continue on,
Without thinking about the future;
Just live the present and move,
Wait, I shouldn’t care if I am the suitor?

Perhaps the time will come,
The truth will, slowly, show;
If the path is made of roses,
Or this will be another blow.

Like a child

Hey now, the child says,
Why come here with a puffy face;
Is life this bad these days,
That you destroy your mood and grace.

Come, look at the sun, he says,
Pointing out to the bright circle;
This is one of those days,
When it’s all golden rather than purple.

Look at those stars, he says,
Sparkling as bright as a firecracker;
Although there is only one star in the days,
At night, they cover the sky like a pro hacker.

Why do you wait then, he says,
For the time to bring you joy;
Even then the people nowadays,
Play with each other like a toy.

Live in the present, he says,
Because that is what life is;
Past or the future days,
Won’t bring you happiness diz!

– Siddarth