Journal #16

Day 16. March 29th.

“We are made to persist… that’s how we find who we are.” – Tobias Wolff

It’s been a long-time since I posted anything. Quite frankly, I have been wondering how should I plan my content and focus on for the blog. As you know this is also connected to the Instagram page, Fb page, Twitter page, Pinterest page by the same name, what is the most appropriate content for this.

At the end of the day, this is my page, so I believe the best things to put up here should be about my thoughts and how the day goes. It is better to make it a little personal as that is the USP for most blogs.

But all in all, whatever happens, the content should be something I believe in.

Besides the regular college, and office today, that was what I had been thinking today. Not only that, this will be a good way to evaluate myself as days go by and learn from different days. Persistence is the real key here.

I finally started reading a book “Discipline equals freedom” by Jocko Willink.  Though a motivational book, it seems aggressive in it’s own way, asking you to not give up and keep at it whatever the situation.

Why do you blog?

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Indeed, why do you?

Some people blog for fame, Some for attention, Some for improving their writing, Some to share their ideas and other things they like, Some because they are bored, Some because they are emotional and want to scream something out to the world.


I often wonder before writing and posting something, why am I doing this? Sometimes its the greed of getting more likes (no, honestly), sometimes I want to share an interesting article. But that’s not true always. Their is a different thought, a different emotion attached with every post, and that’s how it should be.

If you are regular here, then you might have noticed that I post a motivational quote everyday. It is as much for others, as it is for myself. I do need motivation to keep blogging, to keep doing other things like waking up in the morning for tennis, etc.

I sometimes post a news article because I think its worth to share news, something that needs to be seen by others.

I sometimes post a picture, because I want to share what I saw, and what you are missing by lazing around. It’s a reminder for myself what all there is to see in the world, and what will I miss.

I sometimes post my thoughts, because I am feeling emotional and like a total failure, and I want to  s h o u t  out to the world, so that someone asks me about it.

I sometimes post nothing, because somehow, the day went well and was pretty busy.

This is all me. There is a different emotion in any person at different times.

So, why do you post what you post?

BTW wish you are having an awesome valentine’s week!