90 killed in Kabul bomb blast

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A massive bomb blast occurred in the Kabul’s diplomatic quarter during rush hour. A sewage tanker parked in the area apparently was filled with 1,500 kilograms of explosives that blew up bloodying the scene with corpses and filling the sky with huge clouds of smoke. The attack killed more than 90 people and at least 400 were wounded.

The attack happened just days after the start of the holy month of Ramadan, and most agencies are suspecting Taliban behind the attack, however the group has denied the allegations.

The explosion reverberated across the whole city, many residents thinking that it is an earthquake. Among the injured were people from German embassy, BBC crew, and others. The blast shattered the windows of several embassies and has charred off the outside walls to pitch black.

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Whichever group attacked, its shameful. You preach about Allah and say you follow Quran, and yet you kill in the holy month.

Please pray for the deceased ones, and wish speedy recovery for the injured.

But How? The attack happened in a diplomatic area, and no one checked a sewage tanker filled with ‘1500’ kilograms of explosives. How is that possible.

A blast on Christmas eve in Philippines

A grenade explosion outside a Catholic church during a Christmas eve mass, in the Philippines’ southern island of Mindanao, wounded 16 people. Due to the recent increase in security threats, the police in South-east Asia have been on high alert. Police in Australia and Indonesia have already foiled bomb plots and the Malaysian security forces arrested suspected militants.

Currently, no terrorist group has claimed the responsibility of the Mindanao attack, but Muslim rebels and Islamist extremists are known to be active in the province, where there have been blasts in the past. There was also a report that another improvised bomb was left in the area, but the details were still sketchy.

In September of this year, 14 people had died and more than 50 were wounded when an improvised bomb exploded in a crowded market in Davao City. In that case, 9 people linked to an Islamic State militant-affiliated group were arrested. Read the full article here.

Seriously!? What has the world come to? Is there peace on any day? or anywhere? If there was a way people can deal with deal with terrorists as well. It’s not only the job of the Police, but of the common people as well to think and help anyway possible. Thanks.

Christmas Day bombing stopped!

An increase in security around the world has put security and police forces on alert. This was due to the recent attack in Berlin, Germany, where IS claimed the truck attack into the Christmas Market.

Fortunately for Australia, the police caught seven people who were suspected of planning a series of Christmas Day bomb attacks in the heart of Melbourne. Two of the seven people initially arrested in raids Thursday night and Friday morning in Melbourne were released without being charged while the other five men remained in custody and will be charged for preparing a terrorist attack.

The suspects had been inspired by the Islamic State group and planned attacks on Melbourne’s Flinders Street train station, neighboring Federeation Square and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Police said that the attackers were planning to use explosives, knives and a gun.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said, “Islamist terrorism is a global challenge that affects us all. But we must not be cowed by the terrorists.” Read the full article here.

Bomb blast in Turkey, again?!

A car bomb reportedly exploded at the entrance of Erciyes University in Kayseri on Saturday. The bomb targeted a public bus with soldiers and civilians in it, which led to the demise of 13 soldiers and 55 wounded.

Turkish president Recip Tayyip Erdogan announced that the Kurdish Militant Workers’ Party (PKK) were behind the Saturday’s blast linking it to developments in Iraq and Syria. He also that Turkey was under joint attack by terrorist organizations.

There has been a series of terrorist bombings in Turkey, the last one being a blast outside the stadium that killed more than 30 soldiers. Read the full article here!

Please pray for the victims.

ISIS bombs Church in Egypt, warns more to come

On Sunday, a peaceful Coptic cathedral in Cairo was struck by a bomb blast that killed 25 people. The Islamic state said that it had sent a suicide bomber to the chapel on the grounds of St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox cathedral. This was the deadliest militant attack on Egyptian civilians in years.

The ISIS/ISIL identified the bomber as Abu Abdallah al-Masri. However the egyptian authorities identified the attacker as Mahmoud Shafik Mohamed Mostafa. There was no explanation given for the discrepancy. Mr. Mostafa’s family said that he was jailed and released in 2014, and that was the time when they lost contact with him. It was inferred that he was tortured in jail, which may have led to his radicalization.

The ISIS also suggested that it was prepared to single out Egyptian Christians much as it did minority Shiites in countries like Iraq and Syria. This poses a new challenge for President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who is already confronting the problem of economic crisis. Read the full article here.