The day when Britain officially exited. Brexit.

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Sir Tim Barrow, Britain’s new envoy to the EU rode to the European Council in his ambassadorial Jaguar, and then at 11:25 GMT, gave the narrow white envelope, that bore the Prime Minister’s Theresa May Brexit notification, to Donald Tusk, who chairs summits of EU leaders.

A few minutes later, Tusk tweeted that After nine months, the UK has delivered #Brexit. This was one topic on the routine weekly agenda for the 28 EU national envoys, and now that Brexit is underway – Barrow will get used to not being invited to all the EU discussions.

Commissioned in happier times when the EU seemed destined to go on expanding, it was no little irony that the first great moment of history, witnessed by the EU Council’s newly opened Europa Building, should be the unprecedented shrinking of the Union.

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Donald Tusk did sum up the moment in some short words: What can I add to this? We already miss you. Thank you and goodbye.

Belgium Train Derailment

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A train carrying 85 passengers derailed a few minutes after leaving the Louvain train station (East of Brussels). The cause of derailment – which occurred shortly after 1:00 pm – was not immediately known and investigators were on the scene.

One of the yellow and white carriage of the train was flipped on its side, causing a decent amount of infrastructure loss due to track and cable damage.

Fortunately, no other trains were using the track along that route during the time and hence any collision was avoided.

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