Routine Problems.

“Oh my God. Why? It was clearly written in the Invoice that I needed blue color, and now when the shipment has reached, you are saying that you have sent us black color? Are you serious right now?”, Chris yelled on his phone, talking to the supplier always made him frustrated and exhausted because of … Continue reading Routine Problems.

The sights to freedom – 2

"Shine bright. Live brighter, even if the sky is clouded." It has been a tough day for Seko. He didn't get up on time, didn't follow the schedule and later on in the day he was so de-motivated that he just went to sleep. This was Day #1 and he acted like a kid who … Continue reading The sights to freedom – 2

Book Review: HBR On Strategic Marketing

HBS on Strategic marketing

This is an eye opener to the techniques of marketing. Whether you are a Sales person, a marketer, a manager, an executive or a business owner, this book can give you an insight on how to manage the Sales, generate better leads, how to integrate marketing with sales, asking the right question, marketing digitally and … Continue reading Book Review: HBR On Strategic Marketing

Rich Dad Poor Dad

#RichDadPoorDad #RobertKiyosaki #writer #book #review #job #hardwork #marketing #business #invest Robert Kiyosaki is an amazing author, and little can be said why his books are best-"selling". The way he explains different situations, and beliefs with personal experiences is intriguing and enlightening. He believes that an individual can go only so far with talent/hard work, and … Continue reading Rich Dad Poor Dad


#job #work #success #hope #employer #employee #business #employment #grow When you are being employed by someone, it is like you are handing the baton/torch to that person. The baton/torch symbolizes that you trust the employer to lead you to a new level, and make you work hard enough to let your inner creator out. Many … Continue reading Employer/Employee

Jennie Ripps

#morning #motivation #Life #JennieRipps #business #success #passion #excitement I really think that there is an opportunity every day, especially when you're building a business. You never know what is going to come, and I get really excited when I wake up.

Indian defense companies to work with foreign companies

#India #military #politics #money #business #defense #MakeInIndia On Wednesday, India approved a policy to boost local defense manufacturing by effectively picking industry champions that would want to tie up with key foreign defense companies to manufacture submarines, fighter jets, helicopters and armored vehicles in the country. India is looking forward to spend about $250 billion … Continue reading Indian defense companies to work with foreign companies

Branded products

#business #thoughts #brands #unbranded #products #requirements #customers Being in business, I wonder why do some customers ask for branded products with certificates even though the price for such products are twice the price of unbranded products with same certificates. Is it because of the quality of service the branded company provides even after the purchase … Continue reading Branded products

Trump’s Tax Proposal, is it right?

#Trump #President #WhiteHouse #Taxes #US #corporations #business According to the a new proposal by the White House, the tax rate for corporations and pass-through business will be reduced to 15 percent. This could be a major windfall for the Trump Organization. As previously noted, Trump has refused to release his tax returns, hence making it … Continue reading Trump’s Tax Proposal, is it right?

Family. Business. Studies. Work. – 1

#Family #Business #Studies #Work #Story There were no words to describe, how happy he was. He had got accepted to such a prestigious college, he who hadn't ever lived outside his home without his family was going to travel to the other side of the world and study and live. His parents agreed to it, … Continue reading Family. Business. Studies. Work. – 1