The Stalker’s love

When you are down, left me lift you up,
Let me be the strangest thing you see;
Wherever you are, remember my name,
I love you with my heart, without any fee.

I follow you around, when you step out,
Seeing that dazzling hair out in the sun;
Its one of the perks of waking every day,
Watching you at times is all the fun.

A fan tried to take a selfie with you,
And you had no choice but to smile;
After that awkward photo you went,
As I rode behind you for another mile.

But after today, I won’t come up,
bothering myself to wake up for a look;
Because you complained about me stalking,
Bringing you to tears was all it took.

Now I just look at you on magazines,
Or movies if I get to watch them;
Why is that I was left so behind,
I don’t even know what I did so wrongly.

Dress up all what you want now,
Others might look and follow you;
None of them can even compare to me,
The true person who gave his heart your hue.

Caring is something I don’t do now, but,
After looking at you again after so many years;
Realizing what I had missed all this time,
Eyesight began to blur, covered by tears.


Second Poem: How we Love.

He opened his instagram, He searched for her name,

He lived like a king, in the town of shame.

She didn’t know him, he was just someone,

In her million followers, he was just a name.

He commented on pictures, every single picture of hers,

She didn’t reply, there were a thousand commenting the same.

He took it up a notch, and posted a love confession,

This time she saw it, and she clicked on his name.

He felt she knows now, maybe she will reply,

Yet she didn’t know him, and he remained a name.

He was broken, he promised to be better,

After that incident, she didn’t see his name.

He rose to the top, got more followers than her,

She recognized him, although he had changed his name.

He had a line of girls, but he still wished for her,

She knew his name, but the comments never came.

He wasn’t sure if he should comment now,

She wished she could go back and reply to that name.

He gathered strength, and called out her name,

It was no good, She was too far to hear the name.

He called the press, and confessed his love,

The confession reached her, she recognized that name.

He confessed on Insta, commented the same,

She saw his Love you, and commented she does the same.