Everyone I see has a story,
Whether big ones or small;
Some are lost in the way of life,
And some enjoy with us all.

So I met a person, who is the latter,
While I live being the former;
A person who enjoys helping,
And one who speaks up for the right.

I would rather stay away from this,
People are an annoyance, fake shine;
But when you look at this person,
You can’t stop changing this time.

Someone who gives, and donates,
Tries his best to work all year round;
Yet more interested he is to share,
All the rewards with people around.

I wonder if that’s how it is,
Is it something I can easily do;
Because the smiles and wishes,
Always multiplies happiness by two.

Thinking this, and much more,
A little lost though with a goal;
I go around all the time, and,
Write the perfect poem for my soul.


Whether it’s our parents, or the friends,
We hardly show gratitude for what they do;
And yet everytime a stranger helps us,
We smile at them and say ‘Thank you’?

Perhaps even I am such a person,
And maybe, even you are too;
What we could do is support each other,
Living alone can only be done by few.

Then again, stranger things have happened,
At times like these, even more so;
When people are isolated even from family,
Or they hide away, seeing others as a foe?

Indeed, it is a tolerant world out there,
Running around, trying harder for money;
Which is good, everyone has preferences,
But who do you live for, this or your honey?

We fear the stumbling of economy,
Rather than the number of people lost;
What exactly are we going to achieve,
If the person whom we started for, goes.

– Sid

Can’t find Motivation?

Waking up in the morning,
You are the first thing I desire;
Even letting go of the soft blanket,
Is tough without your presence sire.

Motivation, having you in life,
Helps you out a great deal;
For some it is the trophy at top,
For others it’s to earn a meal.

For some, there just isn’t any,
However hard they try to find it;
Neither at home, nor at work,
They don’t know how to be lit.

Looking for it they cross the land,
Going faraway, to unknown places;
Trying to find a trace of it,
And understanding life as time paces.

Perhaps they can’t find it outside,
Because it was always inside them;
To help people and fight for justice,
Is all the motivation they had needed.

So they develop and learn,
Much more than you can imagine;
Fighting, Struggling and sighing,
Earning for the world is a win.


Indirect paths

At the intersection, I am standing,
Not knowing which way to go;
Feeling the suffocation within,
Which way does the life show?

There are a variety of colors,
And even more paths to take;
Mind, which path do you want,
And which ones are but fake.

Harvey Deutschendorf

Your comfort zone will keep you safe, but it will also keep you small. Walk out, and change.

George Bernard Shaw

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.


Change is taking place,
At every moment of life;
Whether it is loving someone,
Or holding one by the knife.

It is happening, always,
Not stopping even for a sec;
As you drive to work,
Or are a victim in a wreck.

It doesn’t stop for anyone,
Me, You or even the President;
So think clearly what you do,
Because this will be irreversible.

Don’t overthink, but don’t be sudden,
At least not on major matters;
As the tree grows, always notice,
Change can also make it erode.

As the world keeps changing,
I wonder where we are headed;
Is it a life of light or darkness,
So make your every action remember.


Nelson Mandela

We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.

A day, Tuesday

It was a day that had passed,
Without a mark, without a scratch;
A day when nothing happened,
FIFA had ended, there was no match.

What to do on such a day,
It felt completely useless;
I wanted to start something new,
But I overthink everything, I confess.

I was thinking about going to gym,
Yet, again, the bed pulled me in;
And when I thought I should learn french,
Learning alone felt like a sin.

Then I wanted to box today,
But the body surrendered to comfort;
And on my way to office,
I didn’t care about oil drop on the shirt.

“It is just Tuesday”, I said,
How will I spend the week like this;
Thinking this, again and again,
I felt, for me, there was never a bliss.

The day went by, most of the time in office,
Going through the daily emails, or inspection;
And alas, it was 7, the time to leave,
At the end, today, did anything change by even a fraction.

As I reached home, I thought to myself,
What will be the topic I should write on;
And yet nothing came to mind as I wrote,
So I just put my entire day to ponder upon.

I am sure, you, who reads this is interested,
Interested to read something new, and entertaining;
I dearly hope this description was enough,
To keep your heart delighted and craving.


Mark Zuckerberg

If you want to build something great, you should focus on what the change is that you want to make in the world.