Everyone I see has a story,
Whether big ones or small;
Some are lost in the way of life,
And some enjoy with us all.

So I met a person, who is the latter,
While I live being the former;
A person who enjoys helping,
And one who speaks up for the right.

I would rather stay away from this,
People are an annoyance, fake shine;
But when you look at this person,
You can’t stop changing this time.

Someone who gives, and donates,
Tries his best to work all year round;
Yet more interested he is to share,
All the rewards with people around.

I wonder if that’s how it is,
Is it something I can easily do;
Because the smiles and wishes,
Always multiplies happiness by two.

Thinking this, and much more,
A little lost though with a goal;
I go around all the time, and,
Write the perfect poem for my soul.


Whether it’s our parents, or the friends,
We hardly show gratitude for what they do;
And yet everytime a stranger helps us,
We smile at them and say ‘Thank you’?

Perhaps even I am such a person,
And maybe, even you are too;
What we could do is support each other,
Living alone can only be done by few.

Then again, stranger things have happened,
At times like these, even more so;
When people are isolated even from family,
Or they hide away, seeing others as a foe?

Indeed, it is a tolerant world out there,
Running around, trying harder for money;
Which is good, everyone has preferences,
But who do you live for, this or your honey?

We fear the stumbling of economy,
Rather than the number of people lost;
What exactly are we going to achieve,
If the person whom we started for, goes.

– Sid

Can’t find Motivation?

Waking up in the morning,
You are the first thing I desire;
Even letting go of the soft blanket,
Is tough without your presence sire.

Motivation, having you in life,
Helps you out a great deal;
For some it is the trophy at top,
For others it’s to earn a meal.

For some, there just isn’t any,
However hard they try to find it;
Neither at home, nor at work,
They don’t know how to be lit.

Looking for it they cross the land,
Going faraway, to unknown places;
Trying to find a trace of it,
And understanding life as time paces.

Perhaps they can’t find it outside,
Because it was always inside them;
To help people and fight for justice,
Is all the motivation they had needed.

So they develop and learn,
Much more than you can imagine;
Fighting, Struggling and sighing,
Earning for the world is a win.


Indirect paths

At the intersection, I am standing,
Not knowing which way to go;
Feeling the suffocation within,
Which way does the life show?

There are a variety of colors,
And even more paths to take;
Mind, which path do you want,
And which ones are but fake.


Change is taking place,
At every moment of life;
Whether it is loving someone,
Or holding one by the knife.

It is happening, always,
Not stopping even for a sec;
As you drive to work,
Or are a victim in a wreck.

It doesn’t stop for anyone,
Me, You or even the President;
So think clearly what you do,
Because this will be irreversible.

Don’t overthink, but don’t be sudden,
At least not on major matters;
As the tree grows, always notice,
Change can also make it erode.

As the world keeps changing,
I wonder where we are headed;
Is it a life of light or darkness,
So make your every action remember.


A day, Tuesday

It was a day that had passed,
Without a mark, without a scratch;
A day when nothing happened,
FIFA had ended, there was no match.

What to do on such a day,
It felt completely useless;
I wanted to start something new,
But I overthink everything, I confess.

I was thinking about going to gym,
Yet, again, the bed pulled me in;
And when I thought I should learn french,
Learning alone felt like a sin.

Then I wanted to box today,
But the body surrendered to comfort;
And on my way to office,
I didn’t care about oil drop on the shirt.

“It is just Tuesday”, I said,
How will I spend the week like this;
Thinking this, again and again,
I felt, for me, there was never a bliss.

The day went by, most of the time in office,
Going through the daily emails, or inspection;
And alas, it was 7, the time to leave,
At the end, today, did anything change by even a fraction.

As I reached home, I thought to myself,
What will be the topic I should write on;
And yet nothing came to mind as I wrote,
So I just put my entire day to ponder upon.

I am sure, you, who reads this is interested,
Interested to read something new, and entertaining;
I dearly hope this description was enough,
To keep your heart delighted and craving.