“There is this song that is stuck in my head since tomorrow. I have listened to it countless times now hoping that it will stop reverberating in my mind but that didn’t help. What should I do?”, said an annoyed Paru, “I can’t even get my mind to study properly.”

“Which song is it this time Paru?”, asked a in-surprised Disha, “How many times has it happened with you now.”

Paru looked at her with a grim face and replied, “It’s the new song Call Me Maybe. Don’t taunt me like that. This song is different. I feel more one with this song. I feel..”

Disha interrupted, “I feel this song had something unique about it. It attracts me to it.”

“Yes! Correct! I knew you feel the exact same way as me!”, Paru relief with excitement.

“No. It‘s just that you have told me this for the 25th time now, each for a different song. Isn’t that amazing?”, said Disha plainly. Looking at the seriousness on Paru’s face she added, “Although it is good to be attracted by new things. After all that is what fills the void in life and makes it more exciting.”

  • Siddarth

The Correct choice?

When you were a child,
It was all about the score;
Not even noticing the friends,
Who slowly left your door.

Now in a job, it’s different,
Money or promotion is the desire;
This is the atmosphere everywhere,
No one is ever content, sire.

How do you choose, what is better,
The option A that gives you money;
Or B that gives you comfort,
Which one, do you think, is sunny?

What is the required list,
To follow step by step;
And have a better day,
Without a single mess.

Which is the right way,
The correct direction to live;
Where you don’t think about,
To lie down again or be active.

Out of the seven billion,
You hold on to a single hand;
At times you question it,
Other times you waive it sad.

Tell me, is there a better day,
To enjoy and to relax;
Just a deep breath and some music,
Or hanging out with a few pals.


Indirect paths

At the intersection, I am standing,
Not knowing which way to go;
Feeling the suffocation within,
Which way does the life show?

There are a variety of colors,
And even more paths to take;
Mind, which path do you want,
And which ones are but fake.

Fighting back

It is what resides in our heart,
What makes us human and alive;
Something that is from the start,
Fighting back, makes us drive.

You start the day sleeping in bed,
Fighting back the urge to sleep more;
You reluctantly put on the slippers,
And quietly do the morning chore.

During the way to work, you do it again,
Fighting back the urge to explore that street;
Or that restaurant, or that attraction,
Suppressing the thoughts, you feel so beat.

You are called to meet the boss,
Something had went wrong, who knows;
You are asked to make it right, fighting back,
The urge to speak up that it wasn’t your fault.

During lunch you still have too much work,
Not even a second to leave your chair;
As the windows keep switching to excel sheets,
You fight back your stomach’s glare.

As you see your colleagues leave,
You put up a smile to say goodbye;
As the lights go off one by one,
You fight back to stand your ground.

As you reach home late, switch on the lights,
You fight back to watch the TV Series;
The one you have been wanting for so long,
But more pending things are written on the diaries.

You see, it happens every single day,
With each and every person you see;
They might not be similar to us,
But you will find them wearing the same tee.