Another USS collision

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Yes. Another US Navy ship, USS John S. McCain, a guided missile destroyer, collided with Alnic MC, a Liberian flagged 183-metre long oil/chemical tanker. However, the ship was not loaded full of oil for cargo, which would have stopped any major incident. The incident happened early morning east of Singapore.

At least 10 sailors are said to be missing, and 5 others have been hurt, according to the Navy’s 7th fleet.

This is the second incident from the Navy’s 7th fleet in just two months, the first one involving the USS Fitzgerald and a container ship that killed 7 sailors in waters off Japan. After the incident, the captain of Fitzgerald was relieved of command, and some sailors were punished due to poor seamanship.

The USS McCain is named for the father and grandfather of US Republican Senator John McCain, who were both admirals in the US Navy.

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Please pray for the deceased, and hope for speedy recovery for those injured.

This is astonishing. Two US Navy incidents in just two-three months. According to officials, this is probably due to lack of proper seamanship, as was the case in USS Fitzgerald incident.

Going to be hit by an Asteroid?

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The Taurid meteoroid stream produces a low number of meteors and a meteor shower usually in October and November. The branch includes asteroids having diameters more than 200 meters, and it is unclear if any of them has a trajectory collision with Earth, although no such situation has been found yet.

However, to be cautious many Space organizations have Collision monitoring system that routinely scans for asteroids and determines the probability of a collision. One such system is Sentry, used by NASA.

Asteroids and comets are usually influenced by Jupiter’s strong gravity, which makes them re-direct towards the Earth or nearby planets. One such meteor shower took place in 2015 caused by comet Encke’s redirection, when astronomers analyzed 144 Taurid meteors that produced a large flash when they hit the atmosphere.

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So basically, our civilization is still safe as of now. No external forces causing any troubles. What about the internal forces though?