Devil within

What do you do, when you don’t write,
The reason to write, isn’t there anymore;
The time passes, and people forget,
What you had written in the devils lore.

I hear the devil, who asks my name,
But when I look up, there isn’t anyone;
As I continue my work, I hear again,
“I will show myself, when we’re done.”

I tell my name, and yet it’s quiet,
It then asks me why I am alone;
“But that’s how it has always been”,
I reply to it what I have known.

In that case, let’s become friends,
And I am surprised to hear such a word;
Why would anyone want to be with me,
Even more, why a friend to a nerd.

Tempting was the offer, I couldn’t resist,
And ended up making a pact with the devil;
For as long as I am here in this world,
The devil will be my side, sadness or revel.

It was okay at first, nothing happened,
Until that night, Anger consumed me;
The devil took on the reins and guided,
My actions, as I killed anyone I could see.

Oh, what was that feeling when I came back,
In blood and bruises, I was surrounded;
What I chanced, it took time to gather,
And when I realized, my fear was unfounded.

I had a notion, but didn’t believe it,
What was in the mind, had actually happened;
So then, where was the devil, as I saw,
The covered bodies, no one can mend.

As I asked myself, why did this happen,
The devil whispered slowly, I helped;
I helped you spread your emotions, right?
And all I did was cry, and feel the guilt.

Wasn’t it better, when I was alone,
I wondered again in the prison cell;
This time the devil didn’t reply,
And now it was as quiet as hell.


The self titled monster

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What is the self titled monster,

or rather who?

Is it the dreams you have,

or the money you show?

Is it the greed in your mind,

or the curiosity in your eyes?

Is it the dive for the prey,

or the longing when you pray?

Who is the self titled monster,

is it you? Or it’s the fear within you?

You call yourself a monster sometimes,

but what did you do?

– Siddarth


Do you?

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I often think that what if I fail in this task? I should do that other task just as a backup so that I have something to fall back to. Am I too afraid of accepting failure? Two or three task like this okay, but if you have more than five to fall back to?

Well then you aren’t confident in yourself to do the first task properly. In fact, you are almost sure inside that you will fail.

Let’s change the thinking now. Put in your max efforts, do have things to fall back to but just a couple should be fine.

Be confident in yourself. 😘☺️

So well written!

This article is great. Although I have already posted this once, I want to do it again just to make people read about Confidence and how they can earn mastery in the field of their choice through hard work and dedication.

I was one of the people who wasn’t very active and least confident in himself but though dedication I will be able to manage better. I should add that I might be in he latter part of apprenticeship stage, so don’t give up. Just know I am here for you!

When you develop confidence through mastery, the world opens up to you. It doesn’t depend on your genes, it doesn’t rely on other people’s opinions, and nobody can ever take it from you. There’s no truer confidence than the knowledge that no matter how you were born, or what life throws at you, you can make of yourself whatever you will.

How to forge True Confidence