So, what are you supposed to do at this time?

You are given the thing you don’t want, and then you are asked to appreciate it because others don’t have it.

What now?

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What should you do now? Where do you go now and how do you correct these things? Do you slowly begin to appreciate these things and love them in your own way. Or do you start hating it even more and are relieved after that thing is taken away from you?

The thoughts in my mind

So, you are here? Have you ever wondered, why are you here? Why are you reading this?

Okay, let’s forget about this for a while, this is just nonsensical.

I wanted to ask you, Have you ever felt empty? So empty that the bright day in front of you suddenly looses its luster. You are doing something, and suddenly you feel like stopping, putting brakes on your life.

Just look at the stars above on a clear night, Or if you are next to a beach just sit there and look at the waves coming. That moment, of calmness, like the world has stopped. What makes us want those moments?

I often wonder, when in old ages there were no Computers, TVs, Internet or other current entertainment gadgets, what did people use to do. People were more social? That should be true, right? And we say that now is the age of Socializing.

OKay, have you wondered that the current job or business you are isn’t the right one for you? But then what is right for you, do you even know that? We are often afraid to try new things that we usually disregard the thoughts and feelings of the heart and think logically. Because after all that is the right think to do. But is it right?

Take me for example, I literally don’t have a degree. But I have an amazing opportunity to work in the family business. Yet, I am not able to appreciate or embrace this opportunity. And my mind often keeps wandering off to other “things” I can do. But what if I am not successful in them? And do I even have the talent or skill to undergo such a project by myself.

Damn, this is confusing.

Also do you wonder, that what you are doing is somehow going to help other people or this is just for you to pile up money? It’s a world where everyone wants to be of some help, and frankly I think that’s what gives people happiness.

Will have to think more about it. I want to get my stuff together, and have a stable mind. Then again, doesn’t everyone. 🙂


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