The Path none crossed

You are here, and yet you stopped,
Because the path ahead, appears blocked;
Then searching for the right path around,
Appears a small one that none crossed.

You question the long road ahead,
So you search for much better options;
And yet in the end, the best one is,
The same path that no one crossed.

You take a step ahead, and turn around,
Afraid, excited, maintaining the poise;
The question again runs through your mind,
“Is this the best, safest and soundest of all?”

You hesitate a little, as it gets lonely,
Reaching halfway, you can’t see people;
Questioning your existence, and this life,
And closing your eyes as you step ahead.

You move forward, and then you realize,
This was the path you should pursue;
It is right, and yet no one crossed,
Because it belonged to you, and you alone.


The Correct choice?

When you were a child,
It was all about the score;
Not even noticing the friends,
Who slowly left your door.

Now in a job, it’s different,
Money or promotion is the desire;
This is the atmosphere everywhere,
No one is ever content, sire.

How do you choose, what is better,
The option A that gives you money;
Or B that gives you comfort,
Which one, do you think, is sunny?

What is the required list,
To follow step by step;
And have a better day,
Without a single mess.

Which is the right way,
The correct direction to live;
Where you don’t think about,
To lie down again or be active.

Out of the seven billion,
You hold on to a single hand;
At times you question it,
Other times you waive it sad.

Tell me, is there a better day,
To enjoy and to relax;
Just a deep breath and some music,
Or hanging out with a few pals.


The desired path

There were two paths, of hope, and desire,
And yet both were unknown to him;
Both were hard, and the trail was tough,
Yet the only hesitance was which to choose.

For, the path of hope went through hell,
The kind of hell you endure every day;
The hell with sweat, and of blood,
To achieve something in a selfish way.

Where as the path of desire was not that tough,
At least physically that is to say;
But you had to strategize your every move,
Plan every trap, like a chess player laid.

Either of the path was good,
Though both had the chance of evil;
Like there is no ying without yang,
And no angel alive without a devil.

So what did he do to keep himself focused,
How did he manage to not give up?
And after he had realized his dream,
Did he feel the satisfaction rub?

You ask that to yourself, maybe you will find,
That what you desire and hope to achieve;
Can create a storm within you, or some peace,
As both can be different or in the same weave.

So choose the path that you desire,
Preferably something that you can achieve;
Taking one step at a time, and slow,
It will surely be at your reach.