Emotions: Something that controls us all!

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You can have emotions,

But with it comes the burden;

A burden to choose,

Choices that are not so light.


Emotions give us love, Emotions give us life,

Emotions give us fun, Emotions give us fight;

Emotions are something that give us all,

Be it enjoyment, sadness or corruption for all.


Any person will look to support their family,

Because emotions resides inside us all;

Whether it is the president, the police officer,

Or the mafia with the gall.


So then what are these emotions,

Are these anything that makes us live;

Or these are the things that makes us suffer,

And are the reason to cover us in pall.


However, you can agree with the fact,

Even if you are a Psychologist;

No one can realize the emotions of everyone,

The different emotions in us that call.


Happiness is an emotion, so is sadness,

Birth is an emotion, so is death;

Success is an emotion, so is Loss,

Rising is an emotion, so is a fall.


There is no heart without the emotion,

Neither is there love, nor humans;

But corruption too comes with emotion,

And radicalism flows outside the wall.


What we can do is live in the present,

Creating new emotions every minute of our life;

And sharing these emotions with other people,

There are billions of people with us in this hall.

– Siddarth

Corruption protests in Russia

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More than ten thousand people protested across 100 cities in Russia, covering all the 11 Russian time zone, against political corruption. Out of these, more than a thousand protesters were arrested, including Alexei Navalny, opposition leader and protest organizer. Mr. Navalny has now been sentenced to 30 days in jail.

The protesters who held rallies on Russia day, a national holiday, denounced President Vladimir Putin. The Moscow demonstration featured an unlikely scene of about 5,000 protesters rallying next to an enclosure with geese, a medieval catapult and bearded men in homemade tunics and carrying wooden shields.

Most of the protestors were younger, those who were born/raised during the 17 years of Putin rule. Although School and University staff warned the students to go in such rallies, most of the students unhesitatingly took part in the protests.

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This is incredible. Younger generation standing up for the fight against corruption, that too in Russia. I do wish that everyone arrested is safe and sound.

Sharif Verdict, JIT to be established

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According to the 3-2 verdict order, a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) is needed to be formed to probe the allegations. The opposition party, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) stated that super judiciary has always been lenient towards Sharif and his family, and also demanded a resignation from PM Sharif.

The JIT should be formed within a week, and the investigation should be completed within 60 days. This will ensure that allegations of corruption against Sharif remain in the public eye and that the details of his wealth, discussed in embarrassing detail by the Supreme Court.

However, JIT will comprise of 6 members, out of which 4 will be ‘work’ for the government, i.e. by the PM, and the other 2 will be from the Military/ISI. Hence, interference is suspected in the task of JIT.

JIT is supposed to submit reports within 60 days, after which a special bench will review the paper and might decleare results before 2018 elections.

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Corruption just wouldn’t end. Right?