World Cup!!

It's a person's natural instinct to defend and cheer for their national team. That doesn't mean that the person doesn't enjoy the sport or hates the other team. This desire to side with a team is the passion that drives the spectators for a sport, and in the process they also admire the players who … Continue reading World Cup!!

Amazing Cricket!

#Cricket #India #Pak #ChampionsTrophy #ICC #international #sports India made a whooping 319/3 in 48 overs. Pak needs to chase the target to win, which seems a tough score to catch up to. However, the field is still a bit damp, so the ball might skid and run off for boundaries. This will get interesting. However, … Continue reading Amazing Cricket!

Movie: Sachin A Billion Dreams

#movie #SachinTendulkar #cricket #sports #life #fans #career Critic's Rating: 3/5 Reader's Rating: 3/5 In this 2 hour 19 minute movie, Sachin Tendulkar plays himself in this movie that traces his life. Sachin is shown as the light of Indian cricket, and put on a pedestal. Why not? Considering his achievement, it is hard not to … Continue reading Movie: Sachin A Billion Dreams

Royal Challengers Bangalore loses yet another match

#ViratKohli #Cricket #sports #IPL #RCB #GujaratLions #India After losing yet another match, RCB captain Virat Kohli said that two-three players can't win the match for the team every time. A team should push together, rather than depending on a few players to out-perform every time. Kohli also mentioned that the team needs to play positive … Continue reading Royal Challengers Bangalore loses yet another match