World Cup!!

It’s a person’s natural instinct to defend and cheer for their national team. That doesn’t mean that the person doesn’t enjoy the sport or hates the other team. This desire to side with a team is the passion that drives the spectators for a sport, and in the process they also admire the players who actually perform well irrespective of the team.

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Amazing Cricket!

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India made a whooping 319/3 in 48 overs. Pak needs to chase the target to win, which seems a tough score to catch up to. However, the field is still a bit damp, so the ball might skid and run off for boundaries. This will get interesting.

However, that was done amazing batting by India, four half ventures out of which two were above 80! The first three deliveries of the last over were all 6! Team India 🇮🇳 

Movie: Sachin A Billion Dreams

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Critic’s Rating: 3/5

Reader’s Rating: 3/5

In this 2 hour 19 minute movie, Sachin Tendulkar plays himself in this movie that traces his life.

Sachin is shown as the light of Indian cricket, and put on a pedestal. Why not? Considering his achievement, it is hard not to rever the Cricketing ‘Legend’ or ‘God’ as some people term him. Another name that he goes by is ‘Master Blaster’.

The movie shows Sachin’s childhood and other personal matters. Sachin is the narrator in the movie, guiding the viewer through his victories and injuries.

The movie also has narratives from various Indian commentators, critics and even his teammates such as Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli, etc.

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This movie is a must for all the cricket fans out their, depicting the life, career and choices of one of the most respected cricketer in history.

Royal Challengers Bangalore loses yet another match

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After losing yet another match, RCB captain Virat Kohli said that two-three players can’t win the match for the team every time. A team should push together, rather than depending on a few players to out-perform every time. Kohli also mentioned that the team needs to play positive cricket and individuals should accept responsibility.

RCB endured another curshing defeat, this time at the hands of the Suresh Raina’s Gujarat Lions, who notched up a seven-wicket win with 6.1 overs to spare to revive their IPL play-off hopes.

Kohli also praised Gujarat Lions player Aaron Finch who scored a great 72 runs in just 34 balls, and contributed significantly in reaching the 135 target score.

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Well, this is tough for RCB, however I am sure the encouraging words from their captain will motivate them to play better.