Man arrested in Brussels for driving into crowd, No victims fortunately

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Just a day after the London attack, and a day after the anniversary of Brussels airport attack, a man named Mohamed R. was arrested by the security forces in Brussels for high speed driving a burgundy-colored car into a shopping area in the port city of Antwerp. Pedestrians jumped aside and were fortunately not injured.

Not only that, but security forces also found a rifle and bladed weapons in the car of the suspect, who tried to flee but was detained. It was concluded that the man was under the influence of something, possibly drugs, but authorities weren’t able to figure out the exact cause at the moment.

According to the information provided, the man was a French national, who was born in Tunisia and later moved to the city of Lens near the Belgium border. The man has only been charged for minor offenses before such as drunk driving and drug use. He is supposed to be at the age of 39 and height of 1.85 meters.

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I am surprised, what people are capable of doing with a normal item like a car, knives, etc. Just read about the London attack, and now this. Also, I am sure no one has forgotten the driving incidents in Germany and France.

Apparent hate crime in Melbourne ‘church’ against Indian priest

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A 72-year old, Indian Catholic priest was attacked while leading the Sunday mass in a Melbourne church. The priest was stabbed in the neck just moments before he was about to say the 11a.m. mass at the church.

It is believed that the offender, Rev Tomy Kalathoor Mathew (48), told the priest that because he was Indian, he must be a hindu or a muslim and therefore can’t be saying mass.

Currently, the priest is recovering from a non life-threatening injury.

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Governments requesting more information from Facebook

In a recent Facebook bi-annual report, it showed that the Governments worldwide requested data on Facebook users’ 60,000 times in the first half of 2016. This is a 27 percent increase over the requests made in the second half of 2015. Besides this, the report also mentions the content Facebook restricts for violating local laws. Facebook said that it studies each request carefully and determine whether or not it has merit. It ultimately handed over 80 percent of the requested data.

There was a 18 percent growth in requests between the second half of 2014 and first half of 2015, while a 13 percent growth in the two halves of the year 2015. Thus, the 27 percent increase in second half of 2015 to first half of 2016 is a big step. In the United States, 13,742 out of 23,854 were for search warrants. Other categories included subpoenas and IP address traces, and 499 secret requests under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Facebook also reported a decrease of 84 percent in the worldwide requests to remove content that violated local laws. Read the full article here.

Amnesty International warns Myanmar

Myanmar has come under heavy criticism for its army’s forceful treatment of the Muslim Rohingya minority. International Human Rights group like Amnesty International criticised the Myanmar military of mass murder, rape and looting.

Amnesty has also released a report that mentions all the callous and deplorable actions of the Myanmar military on civilians. This military outage is said to be because of the October 9 outposts in Rakhine state that killed nine police officers. This is not the first civil tension in Rakhine. In 2012, the fighting and violence left hundreds of people dead.

Amnesty also mentioned that the amount of damage is yet unknown because the military closed Rakhine to aid workers and any outer observers. Eyewitnesses have confirmed acts of rape and murder. In fact, in a November 12 attack, the military used helicopter guns and showered bullets on a village of people with nothing but swords as weapons. This was even corroborated by the Myanmar Army officials.

Amnesty has also said that Myanmar military is torching villages, as around 1,200 burned structures could be seen via satellites. They also released a statement that the repressive government policies are radicalising the Rohingya. Read the full article here!

Please share and pray for the victims.

Abandoned car found near Indo-Pak border

Amid rising tensions between the two Asian Countries, India and Pakistan, due to the constant violations of ceasefire on the border, an abandoned car was found in Pathankot’s Pharwal village near the international border.

The car had no number plates on it and had been confiscated by the police. The car was locked when found. Some of the locals also believed that people were firing from the vehicle, after which the villagers chased the vehicle to catch the attackers. However, the occupants of the car fled and left the car behind.

To bring a sense of calmness and peace, all hopes are on President Narendra Modi, how will he react to such crimes. Read the full article here.