A short story from Me!

Once I left, I realised what had changed. Whether it was good for me or bad for them, I didn’t care. I just walked, got into the car and drove away. The tears welled up for no reason. It was my choice to go but I didn’t understand, Why were there tears in my eyes, why was my mind cloudy and why wasn’t I able to drive straight. I stopped the car. I didn’t realise it was the middle of the road. After a second, I realised that there were cars honking behind me. I took a deep breath, started the car again and stopped it at the side of the road. I was all alone now, just what I wanted. I thought, “Exactly what I wanted…”. Still the tears didn’t stop, I wanted to shout out loud and I did. The car windowpane was down and some of the passer by looked at me like I was a super popped popcorn. I rolled up the window quickly and closed my eyes. I could hear my heartbeat. As if by some unnatural force, both my hands came up to my face and I slapped myself hard. This unexplainable activity broke my trance. I lowered my hands and looked at my palm. “Yes”, I thought, “This was my decision. My decision. It is time to go.” I started the car and moved on.