Is it this Simple?

“Only if I had a car”, Arnav thought, “She would be so impressed by me and probably break up with Rohan. That would be so great.”

After a year…

“I wish I had better looks”, Arnav thought, “Then she wouldn’t look at other guys and only think about me…”

After a year…

“I definitely need a better and sweet personality so that I can do sweet things for her”, Arnav thought, “and she wouldn’t be swayed by others.”

After a year…

“God give me strength to be able to give my life for her”, Arnav thought, “If only I can do that, she will admire me more.”

After a year…

She got married to another man with a decent living, who had simply told her, “I love you. However I might be, I will place you first before anything else in life.



What matters more is to win,
To win at this game called life;
To be better and wealthier,
From anyone who is in sight.

And they say, it’s a sham,
The money, the competition;
If not for that then tell me,
Why else did you learn?

Yearning to score better,
A student studies all night;
Thinking that it will be okay,
Just after this one time.

Fast forward to the current job,
There are more sleepless nights;
Whether in sales or an entrepreneur,
Do you enjoy even a little time?

At the end, there is a regret,
Not a regret of wanting to enjoy;
But of not having achieved more,
Such is the heart without a joy.

All I ask is to think a little,
What is it that you want to do;
Is it money and promotion you want,
Or a satisfaction similar by-passing a long queue.


The desired path

There were two paths, of hope, and desire,
And yet both were unknown to him;
Both were hard, and the trail was tough,
Yet the only hesitance was which to choose.

For, the path of hope went through hell,
The kind of hell you endure every day;
The hell with sweat, and of blood,
To achieve something in a selfish way.

Where as the path of desire was not that tough,
At least physically that is to say;
But you had to strategize your every move,
Plan every trap, like a chess player laid.

Either of the path was good,
Though both had the chance of evil;
Like there is no ying without yang,
And no angel alive without a devil.

So what did he do to keep himself focused,
How did he manage to not give up?
And after he had realized his dream,
Did he feel the satisfaction rub?

You ask that to yourself, maybe you will find,
That what you desire and hope to achieve;
Can create a storm within you, or some peace,
As both can be different or in the same weave.

So choose the path that you desire,
Preferably something that you can achieve;
Taking one step at a time, and slow,
It will surely be at your reach.


Writing your mind

I stare again, at the blank page today,
Searching for words that I could write;
What comes to mind is a poetic thought,
As I eat that pasta, savoring every bite.

And yet after having written these words,
I come to an understanding with myself;
That however I manipulate it, always rhyme,
Because poems live forever, like an elf.

It is nice to write your mind,
In such few words that rhyme;
And you learn the value of words,
That change meaning, with time.

So the mind speaks to continue,
Keep writing whatever feels fine;
The emotions, the sadness, the anger,
and many more are on the line.


wish for more

At this point of life, everyone wishes,
The people near me, and around me;
I am sure they have this one thing in common,
They all keep wishing, wanting to be free.

This lady, who is quite beautiful,
Sat on the bench, wishing for youth;
As she watched the people pass by,
She wished for a miracle, a beauty loot.

A youth passed by, on the skateboard,
He wished to have better grades;
He thought how delightful will that make his parents,
Even though it didn’t matter to him at all.

The youth passed a beggar on his way,
Who wished for that skateboard for free;
And also the things inside the youth’s bag,
But not the knowledge he couldn’t see.

As the beggar crossed the road,
A Bentley stopped right before him;
The driver looked at the peaceful beggar,
And wished for that comfort within.

A Honda was trailing that Bentley,
Oh, How the driver longed for that car;
That speed, and that sound could make,
Everything shake in vicinity or far.

The driver’s wife in the Honda car,
Really wished that her husband would look;
Look the same way at her, like he did,
With thirsty eyes, he was a open book.

The wife received a text from her daughter,
Who was wishing to see her mom;
Mom hadn’t visited her since the past six months,
And it felt lonely at the dorm.

The guy who rode the bike everyday,
From in front of that very dorm;
So that he could sneak a peek of that girl,
Whom he didn’t have the courage to call.

The dog barked in the darkness,
As the guy passed him in the bike;
He wished he had some bones,
To chew on, and spend the night.

And yet the eagle saw it, from above,
It wished had stronger claws;
So that it could catch the dog,
Considering how small a rat was.

So as I said, we all keep wishing,
Wishing for something more;
Not considering the things we have,
We dive in to make a glorious lore.