The sights to freedom – 1

Seko had been dreaming about leading in the fields of Sports, Modeling, Investing and Business since the age of 19. However, he didn’t knew that the competition in each of those fields was way too tough to lead, much less lead in all the four fields.

Now at the age of 24, he still dreamt of being at the top in those fields without having made a little contribution in them. He was often criticized by his parents of his blind thinking and unattainable goals. Slowly and steadily he lost most of hai friends and only a couple were left, but even they didn’t know about Seko’s fantasies. Seko also feared telling them as he thought that they might also leave him thinking he is crazy.

What was Seko supposed to do? Frustrated with is stop since the past four years he finally planned on doing something. But it was harder than he thought.

The past five years of mild efforts had made his body relaxed, sleep in late, drink, his mind was confused and heavy, while he was short of breath at times. His round belly was visible from a distance and his laziness often cost him the respect he could deserve.

“No no, I will make it a point to change. It won’t work like this else.”, He thought to himself.

He had recently read that it takes at least 21 days to turn a task into a habit, while it takes 90 days to turn it into a lifestyle. What he wanted was for a lifetime, so he needed to be ‘very’ disciplined for at least 90 days before his body gets accustomed to the routine and starts to act on things on it’s own.

And so began his journey for his SMIC routine…If he could attain 6 hours of Exercise/Sports and 10 hours of Work/Business, he should be all set to achieve his objectives. But there are many other take in a day besides this such as getting ready, eating, sleeping, talking to family and commuting. Is it okay to skip a few? No no. Everything on that list is important on a daily basis. All of them need to be done to have a relaxed mind and body.

“Let’s start slow”, he said to himself, “then we can see how things work and take it from there.”

Sports – Exercises related to Running

Modeling – Exercises to tone the muscles

Investing – Read the finance column and dabble in stock market for at least an hour daily

Creation – Manage what is at present and dive in something new by exploring the innovative possibilities

Will he be able to start his journey from this day?

Journal #16

Day 16. March 29th.

“We are made to persist… that’s how we find who we are.” – Tobias Wolff

It’s been a long-time since I posted anything. Quite frankly, I have been wondering how should I plan my content and focus on for the blog. As you know this is also connected to the Instagram page, Fb page, Twitter page, Pinterest page by the same name, what is the most appropriate content for this.

At the end of the day, this is my page, so I believe the best things to put up here should be about my thoughts and how the day goes. It is better to make it a little personal as that is the USP for most blogs.

But all in all, whatever happens, the content should be something I believe in.

Besides the regular college, and office today, that was what I had been thinking today. Not only that, this will be a good way to evaluate myself as days go by and learn from different days. Persistence is the real key here.

I finally started reading a book “Discipline equals freedom” by Jocko Willink.Β  Though a motivational book, it seems aggressive in it’s own way, asking you to not give up and keep at it whatever the situation.

Journal #2

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn

So today, February 20th was decent. It was no doubt better than yesterday. I woke up and went for a jog (Believe me, it can do wonders!). Then one of my customers contacted to tell that the stitching issue has been resolved, and there are only minor things needed.

Through out the day, went to college, noted the assignments pending, learned how to solve VAM & MODI method. Afterwards, office was okay. Did finish a few tasks lined up, made some corrections, though a couple of new issues arose (Seriously, every day you solve a couple of issues, only to find that there are new ones).
Probably would rate the day a 6 out of 10.

I have decided to make a schedule for the day, as well as post everyday. I really want to follow it this time. Hopefully!

Do you?

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I often think that what if I fail in this task? I should do that other task just as a backup so that I have something to fall back to. Am I too afraid of accepting failure? Two or three task like this okay, but if you have more than five to fall back to?

Well then you aren’t confident in yourself to do the first task properly. In fact, you are almost sure inside that you will fail.

Let’s change the thinking now. Put in your max efforts, do have things to fall back to but just a couple should be fine.

Be confident in yourself. 😘☺️