A Hero is still a human for life,
Even if others won’t think of it;
Fighting, Saving is what they see,
Not the person who buys groceries.

I asked him what do you do,
When you aren’t making villains scream;
And he talked about watching tv,
Or spending time with his family.

I asked her who flies and keeps a watch,
What do you fear the most as a Hero;
And her reply was just so repulsive,
That tolerant population might go down to Zero.

I asked another about how do you live,
And why do you go around saving others;
He replied that because he can afford it,
Some have to carry the burden on their shoulders.

I asked them – the ones standing at the stage,
If in future, will Heroes still be needed to save us?
And before I could even finish they asked,
The soldiers, doctors and others, aren’t they amongst us?


It’s a long fight, this virus,
Attacking regardless of race;
Doctors swarming around,
Saving some, keeping the pace.

So let’s put their hearts at ease,
Cheering them on each success;
There might be failures of course,
Doesn’t mean they put efforts less.

Clapping in the background,
And sharing respectful videos;
Are good and appreciative,
But the priority is no-shows.

Don’t show up for that concert,
Or that much needed shopping;
Just stay safe at your home,
No need to go to that bar hopping.

Let’s fight this together,
And win this battle of life;
For its better to see the sun late,
Than to never wake up or rise.

Call your loved ones, text them,
Don’t go holding because of the ego;
We are together in these times,
No need to hurt and make a foe.

Close your eyes, get some rest,
Or watch that unseen movie;
But always keep doctors in heart,
They are humans too, with a bovie.

– Siddarth

India’s healthcare need to improve ethics, not policies

#India #healthcare #patient #hospitals #doctors #MinistryofHealth

The Indian healthcare is not even near the halfway mark to where it is needed to be. The aim was to raise public health expenditure to 2.5 percent of the GDP gradually, by now but according to Minister of Health, JP Nadda, now this goal would happen by 2025.

The policy promises a system which sets and ensures standards in both government and private healthcare arrangements. National Healthcare Standards Organization (NHSO) – set standards would be the measure against which the patient can complain and an empowered tribunal will deal with grievances.

It is a common practice for in-patients to be visited by “other specialists” and be charged extra for that. Many doctors recommend a surgery for patients even though the patient doesn’t require such a surgery, only to get hands on more money. These relate to ethics. To honesty. And it does not need a new health policy to attend to.

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