PM Narendra Modi to meet President Trump

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be meeting President Trump and discuss on ways to expand the US-India partnership. The meet will happen on June 26 and the discussion will also include topics such as terrorism, possible changes in H-1B visa and ways to enhance business cooperation. According to the White House spokesman Sean Spicer, Trump and Prime Minister Modi have already had a number of positive phone calls.

The talks will discuss US-India trade plans, which has already skyrocketed from $19 billion in 2000 to $115 in 2016, a six-fold increase. US energy and technologies, that have been helping develop India further, will also be a party of the discussion.

However, regardless of US presence in the Paris Climate Deal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has vowed to the French President Macron that India will go above and beyond for the Paris deal.

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So, Trump will be meeting Narendra Modi. I can’t really tell how the meeting will go. Both the leaders are trying to promote their own country first, and their own domestic manufacturing. Both stand on the opposite sides regarding Climate Change and even the H1-B visa.

Donald Trump talks to Peggy Whitson

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NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson, 57, set a new space record on Monday, beating NASA’s previous record-holder Jeff Williams for the most number of days in orbit. However, she is still (534 days) shorter than the world record of Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka (879 days).

Donald Trump commented to her that That’s an incredible record to break, and then asked her What are we learning form being in space? One being told that there is a technology to convert urine to drinking water for astronauts, Trump replied Better you than me.

Whitson is the oldest woman ever in space, and has also set a new record for most space walks (8) by a female astronaut. She also mentioned that NASA is currently building hardware to test a new heavy launch vehicle, Space Launch System (SLS), which will help space vehicles to take manned missions further into the space.

Trump said he wished that NASA is able to do the Mars manned mission in his first or second term of Presidency.

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That’s amazing! Congratulations Peggy Whitson! And in reality, a technology to convert urine to safe/hygienic drinking water will be treasured on Earth.

Barack Obama could have won again?

In an interview posted on the podcast “The Axe Files” produced by CNN and the University of Chicago, Barack Obama said that he could have been re-elected for a third term in the office if he was eligible to run, and that the nation largely embraces his political vision despite last month’s election of Donald Trump, who is his political opposite.

However, President-elect Donald Trump replied to this on Twitter (again! Perhaps, his most favored platform) saying “No way!” : Trump. Trump wrote, “President Obama said that he thinks he would have won against me. He should say that but I say NO WAY! – jobs leaving, ISIS, OCare, etc.”

Despite Trump being elected, a Republican whose policies might take the country either to extreme high or to an extreme low, Obama said that the culture actually did shift during his presidency. Read the full article here.

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Donald Trump goes Nuclear in words

Donald Trump indicated on Friday that he did not fear a new arms race and warned that United States would match any move by another country to boost its nuclear arsenal.

Trump tweeted on Thursday that America will “greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.” This tweet came hours after President Vladimir Putin declared Russia needs to “strengthen the military potential of strategic nuclear forces.”

The Trump reply and his use of language reminiscent of the Cold War rocked the Washington establishment two days before Christmas. However, some people wondered if this reply was a deliberate strategy to bring about a promised rapprochement with Russia.

Sean Spicer, the incoming White House press Secretary, said that the President-elect’s point is that unless other countries come to their senses and recognize that this is not a smart move, increasing nuclear stockpile around the globe is not good for anybody, the US is not going to sit back and take it. Read the full article here.

Donald Trump “I’ve proven to be right”

President-elect Donald Trump called the attacks in Berlin and Ankara as “Terrible” on Wednesday. He also said that, “All along, I’ve been proven to be right. 100% correct. What’s happening is disgraceful.”

Trump has mentioned during one of his election campaigns that he would be willing to issue a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States as a means of fighting terrorism. However after attracting widespread criticism, he had later rephrased the statement to temporarily suspending immigration from regions deemed as exporting terrorism and where safe vetting cannot be ensured.

Trump also mentioned that he has not talked to President Barack Obama since the Berlin and Ankara attacks. Trump has been critical of Obama because of his reluctance to clearly name Islamist militancy as a threat. Read the full article here.

FBI, CIA differ on Russian involvement

Lawmakers held a classified letter written by their colleagues in Senate that assessed Russia’s role in the 2016 Presidential election. The meeting took place in a secure meeting room under the Capitol.

A senior FBI counterintelligence official was seated, who told that the FBI and CIA weren’t on the same page regarding Russia’s involvement. There has not been any evidence that Russia had deliberately interfered with the US Presidential elections so as to elect Republican candidate Mr. Trump as the next US President. For Democrats in the room, the answer was frustrating and shocking.

The clamor from Democrats and some Republicans for a more fulsome accounting prompted the White House on Friday to announce that President Barack Obama had ordered a full review of Russian cyber actions during the 2016 campaign. The president wants the report to be completed before he leaves office next month. Officials said Obama intends to declassify as much of the report as possible. This was the only way to lay the truth in front of the American people and the lawmakers.

Russia regularly tries to influence European politics and elections, “and I don’t want this to be the case here,” Senator Angus King said. Read the full article here!

Trump will step AWAY from business

In recent news, Donald Trump has tweeted that documents are being prepared that takes him completely out of the Trump global business empire and will be transferred to three of his eldest children: Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump.

Trump had previously said that he had no need to separate from the business organization according to the ‘law’ but due to the position and responsibilities of the President, Trump thinks that it is important to show that he has no conflict of interest with the role.

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Donald Trump’s inauguration will be on January 20. People are both excited as well as afraid to see what Trump’s term will be for the United States of America.