Wish it happens.

I wish it really happens when I start,
That I can find my freedom path;
Tearing away at all the obstacles,
I can choose what I want in my cart.

I wish it really happens in love,
That I find and hold you every night ;
Because that would lighten the day,
And energize me for the next fight.

I wish it really happens in work,
That people love what they do;
As enjoying is the best productivity,
And that progresses a company too.

I wish it really happens all the time,
That we can do things for society;
While earning our share of profit,
We can help each other for free.

I wish it really happens with the new tech,
That we explore much farther than Earth;
For, to expand and grow is humans nature,
And that’s what makes living life worth.

I wish it really happens so we can acquire,
That thing that we have been searching for;
Whether it’s knowledge about the universe,
Or the deep understanding of our soul.

I wish it really happens for sure,
That these aren’t just imaginations;
That we put up with all of it and more,
I wish it really happens across nations.

The sights to freedom – 1

Seko had been dreaming about leading in the fields of Sports, Modeling, Investing and Business since the age of 19. However, he didn’t knew that the competition in each of those fields was way too tough to lead, much less lead in all the four fields.

Now at the age of 24, he still dreamt of being at the top in those fields without having made a little contribution in them. He was often criticized by his parents of his blind thinking and unattainable goals. Slowly and steadily he lost most of hai friends and only a couple were left, but even they didn’t know about Seko’s fantasies. Seko also feared telling them as he thought that they might also leave him thinking he is crazy.

What was Seko supposed to do? Frustrated with is stop since the past four years he finally planned on doing something. But it was harder than he thought.

The past five years of mild efforts had made his body relaxed, sleep in late, drink, his mind was confused and heavy, while he was short of breath at times. His round belly was visible from a distance and his laziness often cost him the respect he could deserve.

“No no, I will make it a point to change. It won’t work like this else.”, He thought to himself.

He had recently read that it takes at least 21 days to turn a task into a habit, while it takes 90 days to turn it into a lifestyle. What he wanted was for a lifetime, so he needed to be ‘very’ disciplined for at least 90 days before his body gets accustomed to the routine and starts to act on things on it’s own.

And so began his journey for his SMIC routine…If he could attain 6 hours of Exercise/Sports and 10 hours of Work/Business, he should be all set to achieve his objectives. But there are many other take in a day besides this such as getting ready, eating, sleeping, talking to family and commuting. Is it okay to skip a few? No no. Everything on that list is important on a daily basis. All of them need to be done to have a relaxed mind and body.

“Let’s start slow”, he said to himself, “then we can see how things work and take it from there.”

Sports – Exercises related to Running

Modeling – Exercises to tone the muscles

Investing – Read the finance column and dabble in stock market for at least an hour daily

Creation – Manage what is at present and dive in something new by exploring the innovative possibilities

Will he be able to start his journey from this day?

Purpose – Waking Up

Have a purpose in your life. That is the easiest way I can define it for you.

If your purpose is to enjoy, then Enjoy and celebrate, is it is to reach the top, then work harder and reach the top, if it is to help others, then trace around to help others, and if it is to earn more money, then focus and earn money. There are so many things you can pursue and achieve in life, so start with it. Be bold!

Don’t wake up in the morning, aimless, confused about life, thinking that it is another day of work. Don’t wake with a mindset of a distraught person unsatisfied with life. You have been given the opportunity. Use it. Every single moment counts.

Get out of bed, adjust your pillow, fold that blanket, have the morning tea and get ready. For most people, the world doesn’t wait. And a minority of people force the world to wait. Which one are you?

Choose your own life, your own style, your own art and your own rhythm.

Step on it!

A Talented Escape – 1

Rohan looked at the orange sky, a time when the sun had begun to set. He could only imagine the breeze outside, watching the branches of the trees shake with the wind.

Tuition classes were never interesting for Rohan, and it didn’t seem he wanted to put an effort in them either. He had always thought, “Why is it that I go to school in the morning and then again study similar topics in tuition for another three hours? I wish I could do something interesting.

However the thoughts of a 11th standard student from a middle class family were not often considered in the Indian society, where most people were pursuing fields such as Computer Science, Engineering and Medical. Rohan wanted to be different. He had always wondered about the arts, had participated in school plays, scored perfect in his music or Arts classes, and was often cheered for having talent in the same.

He had thought about quitting the Tuition classes, which were demanding huge sum of money, and instead work on his talent. And yet he was often told that “What is the use of Arts or theater or music as they can’t get you a job, or that the world is too competitive in those fields to even earn a penny“.

So he continued with those classes, often wondering about the things outside the window, missing class notes and concepts at the same time. As anyone would predict, in the first tuition test, he scored in the lower 50 percent of the group, and he was scared as to what will his parents say after the score were sent to them (As per the tuition policy, all test scores were also messaged to the parents of the student).

He was sure that by the time he enters the house that evening, his parents would already know about the score. Scared of being reprimanded, he walked around his house for another hour so that to enter around 8 pm, only when all members of his family had started having dinner.

A day of thoughts

Adam said:

Going through life you realize that you have left so many things. Some emotions, time with family, a relationship, living in it’s own right. You left so many things just to achieve your own dreams, to get your head wrapped around those feasible ideas that you had always thought were possible. And yet, when you look around now, you aren’t able to find the thing you wanted the most initially. That is to say, your happiness. Because after all, it was always there hidden behind your own smile. Nowhere else. Not in the stack of those $100 bills or behind the wheel of that convertible. It might have been on the lips of the girl who broke up, or in the tears of the parents who saw you after years.

The charm of that young night when you held the hands, the scent of the air when you dived in her eyes and the warmth of the head that rested on your shoulder. All was for them that you had risen, they were the reason that you had left everything to focus on the dreams, and yet. In the end, neither the dreams and nor the past moments were enough for that happiness.

Right now, all I do is to pray for the light as it shines on others, God provide me with the fight to survive the life. After all, there are still so many moments to cherish and even more to store as faithful memories, as pictures on the phone and videos on the recorder.

Sid replied:

You, for sure, need to give up on your phone. And READ.