‘Enough’ effort

When you put efforts across different work,
And don’t have complete control on the consequence;
Does it frustrate you to be so helpless,
While others ask you to work and not be a nuisance.

How do you tell them that you are trying,
You follow a schedule doing different things;
All of them are productive in a sense,
It includes work of many, including them.

If only, there was a way to measure,
Stuck onto us, showing the effort for the day;
Will people then put such baseless arguments,
And keep the spoken insults at bay?

This world is of relationships and contracts,
Once signed, you can’t imagine getting out;
Showing itself, it’s a mark on you forever,
Even though the efforts, slowly, dry your mouth.



Effort is the toughest thing,
And yet the most amazing one;
As putting effort can take your time,
But at the same time, can make you shine.

A farmer gets up early,
To put all effort in his field;
Using the right seeds or fertilizer,
And wishing for a big crop yield.

An actor goes to the sets,
Often working very late hours;
He wants the movie to be a hit,
Hoping to have a long line of cars.

An athlete starts training early,
And early to bed, they go;
They put in every effort ,
To be better than their foe.

A businessman keeps thinking,
Of ways to generate a profit;
Keeping the quality of the product,
How do you market it to be lit.

A lazy person puts all his effort,
To keep lying on the bed;
What can he do or make,
That while lying, he is even fed.

A soldier builds what he lacks,
Being vigilant all the time;
Who knows when the enemy attacks,
And when they will cross the line.

A person keeps working hard,
To earn as much as possible;
Because they have a family to feed,
They deal with any obstacle.

A writer is always wondering,
Of the possibilities of a story;
The effort is when he has to write,
All that using a paper and pen.

Everyone puts in effort,
It’s just that the ways are different;
So never undermine what others do,
Without knowing what it meant.