UK general election 17

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According to the opinion polls, Conservative party can expect a resounding victory in a general election, and thus increase its presence in the House of Commons. This is one reason why Theresa May is confident enough to call for a general election on June 8, 2017, even though there are 3 years left for her term.

However, people argue that Opinion polls have not always been accurate when tight contests have been held – as the EU referendum and the latest US presidential election exemplified. The enormity of the proposed gaps between Labor and the Conservatives in these polls suggests that, even if the margin of victory is not accurate, the Conservative party will increase its majority.

Tim Farron, leader of Liberal Democrats, who was defeated in the 2015 vote, was delighted with the announcement of a general election. The coming weeks will be filled with political uncertainty, claim and coutner-claim.

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I understand Prime Minister Theresa May’s reasoning, to get more people to support her and increase the presence in the House of Commons. But who knows where it goes from here.