Parliamentary majority for Macron’s political party

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After the Sunday’s first round of voting for the National Assembly in France, President Emmanuel Macron’s party might win the parliamentary majority, by a big difference. Forecasts on partial results showed that the party might win 390 to 445 seats in the 577 member National Assembly.

The right-wing republicans were predicted to win 80-132 seats while Marine Le Pen’s National Front is predicted to win only 1 to 10 seats. The worst loss was for the Socialists, who were shown to drop a record 200 seats since the last elections.

As the last step, the Socialist party chief Jean-Christophe Cambadelis asked the voters to support Emmanuel Macron’s rivals so that the President doesn’t monopolize the power.

Emmanuel Macron, the youngest president in France’s history, has won a lot of praise for appointing a balanced cabinet, and also leading Europe in fighting against US President Trump on climate change.

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Wow. Way to go to make a change. I do wish France is in the right hands, which does seem that way till now.

Putin meets French President Macron

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French President Macron met Vladimir Putin on Monday, on the 300th anniversary of a visit to Versailles by tsar Peter the Great. The handshake this time was much warmer, compared to Macron’s handshake with Donald Trump recently.

Macron said that they disagree on a number of things but at least it was discussed. The topmost priority is the fight against terrorism and eradication of Daesh (IS) in particular. He also mentioned that Syrian use of chemical weapons will be a red line, and France will give an immediate response to such an event.

Putin also shrugged off allegations that Russian hackers infiltrated Macron’s campaign. He also seemed to have promised Macron to give the the ‘whole truth’ about an alleged crackdown on gay men in Russian-controlled Chechnya.

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You remember right? IS = Illiterate Souls

This is a firm stand by French President Emmanuel Macron. And it is nice to see such a leader appear on the podium. I wish he stays the same throughout his term and change European policies for the better.

France’s Emmanuel Macron meets Theresa May

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During the campaign for French elections, candidate Emmanuel Macron visited British Prime Minister Theresa May at her Downing Street office and also met Finance minister Philip Hammond later. He told reporters that, “Brexit cannot lead to a kind of optimisation of Britain’s relationship with the rest of Europe. An exit is an exit.

Macron, aged 39, is running independently. He is a former economy minister in Socialist President Francois Hollande’s government. He was not able to obtain a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during recent visit to Berlin, and is now keen to improve his standing on the world stage and court voters in London, which has an estimated 200,000 french residents.

He mentioned that he was tired of hearing about French entrepreneurs leaving France and moving to London because of the better growth opportunities and the ease of starting a business. He said his ambition as president was to make France more attractive so such people would stay, or return.

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