When being emotional…

A day passed, and it was slow, Very numb, shouting in the inside; I kept avoiding the recent lows, In hopes that the dreams won’t subside. Morning came, and there were no greets, I missed the words throughout the day; Somehow the evening passed without a call, Seemingly making us drift farther away. You are … Continue reading When being emotional…

Tough Love.

“I don’t have any stories for you today”, the Mother told the child, “You have been behaving very selfishly and inappropriate since the past week, so no stories for you from now on.” She looked at the child, who now had a puppy-like face, imploring her to read a story. “Mom you are so mean. … Continue reading Tough Love.

Emotional mis-steps.

“Stop it! Why do you keep gaming? What is so great about it? You should do something productive with your time”, Alex’s father scolded him. “But I am good at it. See I am already ranked in Diamond class, only a handful of players can reach this stage”, Alex replied, “I am only 19, so … Continue reading Emotional mis-steps.

Book Review: 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Interesting. Although the explanations seem a bit long at times, I believe it points out the main points that a person shouldn't be doing. Obviously no one is perfect, and after reading the book you will realize that you probably do more than a couple of points that have been explained, however, it never is … Continue reading Book Review: 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Our Weakness

There is a way, as they say, To find the solution and make; Between the clumsiness of reality, And the strictness of the fake. Night after night, I wake up, Wondering about the riddle of life; Placing my palm on my head, Slowly moving to the edge of knife. Things are not revealed, So do … Continue reading Our Weakness


Is it the fear or the passion, That keeps us on our toes; That keeps us wandering, Through this maze with crores. I want to ask this question, To you, to him, to her; To anyone, far or near, What do you live for? A student misses the deadline, Does he fear the punishment; Does … Continue reading Emotions

Can you compare the world to the human body?

#world #people #emotions #body #natural #manmade #similarity #thoughts Really... Can you compare the world to the human body? The world has different parts who work in different ways, while still connected to the same body. Isn't this same as a human body? Some parts can even behave in similar ways, although they are different regions, … Continue reading Can you compare the world to the human body?

Emotions: Something that controls us all!

#emotions #life #corruption #selfish #humans #world #desires #money #happiness #poem You can have emotions, But with it comes the burden; A burden to choose, Choices that are not so light.   Emotions give us love, Emotions give us life, Emotions give us fun, Emotions give us fight; Emotions are something that give us all, Be … Continue reading Emotions: Something that controls us all!

Because we are only human

#human #cry #laugh #emotions #mistakes #success #life We laugh, we cry, we smile, we frown, We love, we leave, we kiss, we cease, We care, we hug, we betray, we fight, Because we are only human. People ask you not to cry, because it doesn't help. Still at times we can't control it anymore and … Continue reading Because we are only human

Why do you blog?

#Blog #Life #Emotions #Thoughts #Articles #Posts Indeed, why do you? Some people blog for fame, Some for attention, Some for improving their writing, Some to share their ideas and other things they like, Some because they are bored, Some because they are emotional and want to scream something out to the world. Me? I often … Continue reading Why do you blog?