Zane Grey

I arise full of eagerness and energy, knowing well what achievement lies ahead of me.

Benjamin Franklin

#morning #motivation #life #success #energy #persistence #BenjaminFranklin #quoteoftheday Energy and persistence conquer all things.

ISRO to help India mine energy from Moon

#ISRO #India #energy #space #Moon #LunarDust #Helium3 #Nuclear After setting a world record of launching 104 satellites in a go, ISRO is taking on another mission for India. ISRO is working on mining lunar dust, which is rich in Helium-3, and transport the material back to India. According to statistics, the lunar dust on the … Continue reading ISRO to help India mine energy from Moon

Convert heat into electricity!

Previously researchers from Ohio State University in the US pioneered the use of a quantum mechanical effect to convert heat into electricity. Now, they have figured out how to make their technique work in a form more suitable to industry. The researchers used magnetism on a composite of nickel and platinum to amplify the voltage … Continue reading Convert heat into electricity!

New key enzyme to recycle greenhouse gas?!

Scientists have found a new way to recycle the greenhouse gas and combat two of the major problems in the world: Global Warming and Energy Shortage. The enzyme discovered can covert Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to Carbon Monoxide (CO) efficiently. The Carbon Monoxide produced can easily be used for commercial applications like biofuel synthesis. The findings … Continue reading New key enzyme to recycle greenhouse gas?!