Trump might exit Paris Climate Pact

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President Trump is still undecided, however it looks like he will be favoring US withdrawal from the Paris Climate agreement. The move will hold his campaign promises of getting back American jobs and America First, however might be a blunder for the US in the international community.

The withdrawal of the United States, the world’s largest economy as of now, from Paris deal will make unwilling nations to back out from the agreement as well.

Surprisingly, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Ivanka Trump, Advisor, are rooting to stay in the Paris deal, but Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon and EPA administrator Scott Pruitt have asked for a withdrawal.

Even CEOs from major organizations such as Apple, ExxonMobil, Tesla, and many more have asked Trump to stay in the agreement.

The final decision will be announced by Trump on Thursday at 3 pm.

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Trump needs to understand. Climate Change is not a hoax. Just see the record temperatures every country is reaching in Summers and Winters.

Cannot save the great barrier reef?

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Scientists have reported to the Australian government that the Great Barrier Reef cannot be saved by the plans/policies mentioned in the Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan. This is mainly due to the mass bleaching events, especially due to climate change.

The AU$2 billion Reef 2050 plan was launched in March 2015, with an aim of improving the “universal value” of the world’s largest coral reef every decade leading up to 2050.

According to the latest results, the coral death in 2017 is much higher than what was predicted. That is to say, the previously estimated 22 percent death of corals has now increased to 29 percent.

It is being asked by the scientists to review the Reef 2050 plan and add measures to counter climate change, such as reducing greenhouse emissions.

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This is a disaster. Coral reefs form one of the world’s most beautiful ecosystem, attracting thousands of tourists. Not only that, it is a habitat of thousands of water species as well.

UK joins big switch-off for Earth Hour

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Despite the terror attack, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben are joining more than 270 landmarks across the UK in switching off the lights for conservation charity WWF’s Earth Hour. The major landmarks include Buckingham Palace, Blackpool Tower, Brighton Pier, Senedd Building in Cardiff, Kelpies sculpture in Falkirk and Edinburgh Castle.

The Earth Hour will be celebrated all across the globe, starting in Samoa and ending 24 hours later in The Cook Islands, a time when more than 180 countries in the world will be participating together to send a message for Climate Change.

Apart from the major landmarks like Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, Kremlin, Egyptian Pyramids and Tokyo Tower participating in the event, members of the public are also being encouraged to take part in the event and switch off lights in their residence/offices for a period of time.

All you have to do is switch off your lights for one hour to join hundreds of millions around the world to send a clear signal that we must act and we must act now.

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Indian Supreme court to try to go digital

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In the coming six to seven months, the Supreme Court of India is planning to go almost paperless. Chief Justice of India J S Khehar said that We will electronically pick up records from trial courts and high courts. There will be no need for appellants to file those records. The appeal just has to state the grounds on which the petitioner is challenging a judgement in the SC.

Using some basic mathematics and accountability, it was noted that on an average as many as 70,000 appeals are filed in the SC every year. Each appeal runs around 100 pages. Due to the larger stake and kind of law firm engaged, the petitions get even more bulkier, eventually reaching the size of 200 pages. However, if we take 100 pages as the mean, then the total number of pages used are 70,00,000 (70 lacs). Each page is a bit bigger than the normal A4 sized paper.

Hence, if the SC is able to put most of the papers and records digital, then it can mean saving around 70 lac pages every year. Just imagine the number of trees that can be saved by such a step!

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UK Cruise ship damages Indonesian coral reef

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A British-owned cruise ship smashed a part of the Indonesian coral reefs, causing extensive damage to one of the world’s most biodiverse marine habitats. The restoration cost of the damage is believed to be as high as $16.2 million, according to a marine researcher.

Raja Ampat in eastern Indonesia has long been a top attraction for intrepid travelers and avid divers, home to palm-fringed islands surrounded by an underwater kaleidoscope of coral and fish.

Unfortunately, the 4,200 ton Caledonian Sky slammed into the reefs at low tide. It was carrying 102 passengers and 79 crew members at the time. The ship went into an area that it should not have entered due to the unique coral reefs.

In fact, local search and rescue officials said that they went to help the ship and wanted the passengers to evacuate immediately. But one of the passengers and the captain of the ship asked for a tug boat so that the ship could be pulled out of the area, which in turn caused even more damage to the reef. (Really people?!)

The Indonesian government said it was assessing the impact and would seek compensation from the operator.

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