The sights to freedom – 2

“Shine bright. Live brighter, even if the sky is clouded.”

It has been a tough day for Seko. He didn’t get up on time, didn’t follow the schedule and later on in the day he was so de-motivated that he just went to sleep. This was Day #1 and he acted like a kid who didn’t have a goal.

He didn’t do any exercise, or review his stock holdings or read news. At least he did try to manage what business he has at present, by really, was this enough?

The next day after he woke up, he checked the time and then cried in his mind for the lack of motivation and thoughts of failure lurking in his mind. What is the right path? Is there one?

“It will be okay. I will follow everything slowly and get where I want to. It takes time, it will not happen in an instant”, he said to himself while looking at the bathroom mirror. He touched the mirror with his palm, as if trying to console his own self, “It will be okay. I will get better. I need to also realize what all did I do today, and how it affected anyone. I do hope I changed someone’s life for the better today.”

I am not giving up that easily. I will explore, learn, do more and become the best.


Journal #9

“When we live our lives everyday, we’re met by opportunities. And most of us don’t even recognize them.” – Scarlett Johansson

Day9. March 2nd.

Finally I started the jogging and freelectics routine again from today, I believe it had been more than a week since I last did both on the same day. Naturally my performance was lower (Especially Burpees and Pushups).

I did ask a friend to submit one of my assignments in college, Thanks to her! Then again, a couple more assignments were given today, most of them due next week. Let’s see how that goes (Whoever you are, there is still a little fear when you have to give a presentation in front of the whole class). College is taking a lot of time these days, I need to cut the time when I hang out with friends toward the end.

Came home and didn’t go to office today, so wasn’t able to do any related work. However, I did go and buy a new Sony Television, that was one interesting thing that happened today. Later in the evening, was just surfing YouTube and watching motivational/inspirational videos. You should watch this one for sure: One main habit of Billionaires.

Always there is the case that people spend more time thinking and planning, then further revising and optimizing the plans. Though this is good for a couple of times, but don’t make it a habit as it will just be a waste time and money.

On the positive side today, I jogged, Freelectics, rested in the afternoon, watched motivational videos, and a friend completed my work!