41 million followers and counting…

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the most followed leader on Facebook. Narendra Modi has more followers than the US President Donald Trump and even his own official PMO page. The data also shows that Digital India, Make In India and Swachh Bharat are the most engaged campaigns that have been run by the government.

Modi had around 14 millions followers when he was elected in May 2014, and now the number has grown more than double to 41.9 million. This means that his approval ratings has continued to rise throughout his leadership, whether in 2015 or during the demonetization period.

On an average, Modi posts about 2.7 posts everyday and has an interaction rate of 0.67%. The total amount of interactions on his posts, including likes, shares and comments, amounts to a high 603.90 million till date!

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That’s the Prime Minister of India for you. He knows how to do the right thing which makes him gain more popularity. 😊

Are the new Snapchat like features on app worth it?

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Ever since Snap turned down its $3-billion offer from Facebook, Facebook has opted for the next best thing to owning the parent company of the buzzy chat app: it’s been cloning Snapchat’s features.

However, there has been quite a lot of backlash from consumers that use WhatsApp and Messenger everyday.

WhatsApp recently launched the new ‘status’ feature that encouraged people to share images, GIFs and videos with drawings and emojis that disappeared after 24 hours. A feature very similar to Snapchat or Instagram Stories. People have argued that Snapchat and Instagram, being visual-based platform, can make the complete use of such a feature that remains for 24 hours and can be viewed by other people. However, copying such a feature on WhatsApp, a text-based application, is worthless and is only cluttering the app.

I personally like the text-based status on WhatsApp as it suits the needs of people using the application. People believe that WhatsApp should focus on improving and enhancing communication features rather than cloning what other applications have to offer.

WhatsApp announced that they will be integrating the text-based status feature again into the About section in profile settings, due to the recommendation of users.

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Governments requesting more information from Facebook

In a recent Facebook bi-annual report, it showed that the Governments worldwide requested data on Facebook users’ 60,000 times in the first half of 2016. This is a 27 percent increase over the requests made in the second half of 2015. Besides this, the report also mentions the content Facebook restricts for violating local laws. Facebook said that it studies each request carefully and determine whether or not it has merit. It ultimately handed over 80 percent of the requested data.

There was a 18 percent growth in requests between the second half of 2014 and first half of 2015, while a 13 percent growth in the two halves of the year 2015. Thus, the 27 percent increase in second half of 2015 to first half of 2016 is a big step. In the United States, 13,742 out of 23,854 were for search warrants. Other categories included subpoenas and IP address traces, and 499 secret requests under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Facebook also reported a decrease of 84 percent in the worldwide requests to remove content that violated local laws. Read the full article here.

An AI butler at Zuckerberg’s place?

Mark Zuckerberg dedicated 100 hours on a personal project to make a system inspired by the Iron Man film character Jarvis as a virtual assistant to help manage his household. What more, the house butler is named Jarvis. He commented, “In some ways, this challenge was easier than I expected. In fact, my running challenge took more total time.” He had taken a resolution to run 365 miles in 2016.

Jarvis is an application Zuckerberg and his family can access through his phone or computer to control lights, temperature, music, security, applicances and more. The application also has the ability to entertain Zuckerberg’s one year old daughter. It is a machine learning software that learns his tastes and preferences, new words or concepts.

The software even has Natural language processing and Facial recognition capabilities. This lets the software understand natural language, and even tell which person is issuing them. The software has the ability to have different tastes and preferences in music, air-conditioner temperature, or other things for each person, and can do the required job for the person when it recognizes the voice of the person issuing the command. Read the full article here.

Supreme Court (India) finally takes action!

Rape. A word everyone dreads. The word that had terrified people from hanging out with friends, has scarred many lives and even driven some to commit suicide. There has been a considerable increase in sexual assault on women and even children within India. Especially parts near Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

Not only that, most of these are gang rapes, which are recorded by them as a 30 second to 5 minute clip, and then distributed for money.

The increasing numbers of online sex rackets and online rape videos has led Supreme Court to ask networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to take steps to block such clips and report them to probe agencies. The notice was issued by the bench headed by Justice Madan B Lokur.

This is an important and significant step to curbing such crimes in India. Read the full article here.

Say goodbye to WhatsApp on older phones

The facebook owned-app WhatsApp officially announced that it will be stopping its services on older smartphones as these won’t be able to support the upgraded services that the app is going to provide.

The team also announced that it will be trying to focus on smartphones that most of the people currently own, mostly the new versions of Android, iOS and Microsoft, so that it can help people connect with families, friends, work, and others easy.

The phones on which WhatsApp will stop providing services by the end of this year are:

Android 2.1/2.2

Windows Phone 7

iPhone 3GS/iOS 6

WhatsApp will also stop support for Blackberry 10, Nokia S40 and Nokia Dymbian S60 by June 2017!