There is a need that this has,
A need to attract more people;
Because thats the only way to get,
To the top, make the others feeble.

So what do they do to achieve this,
They just make it more interesting;
Or rather, more dramatic at that,
Thats how they improve their listing.

These journalist who would mend anything,
Be it truth, or false, be it day or night;
Not caring about how it will affect,
The people living and their minds.

Some do provide the correct information,
But the number who don’t;
Are much more than you can count,
Like a drop of water in a pond.

How can this be corrected,
How can this be regulated;
It shouldn’t be done by the law,
But rather the ethics of the posted.

Let this be and they will soon realize,
They have the power to save so many lives;
Not just increase the number of hits per article,
But spread the actual facts with those swipes.


Water – Health

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Whoever you are, you probably drink water? Even if it is just a few glasses. Well, Every human is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday to be healthy and maintain proper circulation in the body.

Drinking warm water can be more beneficial to the health, skin and the hair! Why?

  • If you drink warm water, even better if it is with lemon and honey, after waking up, it will help to detoxify the body. Warm water increases the temperature of your body, that helps you sweat and thus releasing any toxins/impurities in your body.
  • Warm water even helps you in digestion to a great extent, as unlike cold water it does not harden the oil present in consumer food.
  • Warm water, especially with lemon and honey, also promotes metabolism and reduces weight loss!
  • Intake of warm water benefits blood circulation.
  • It also prevents premature aging and turns the skin healthier!

Additional benefit for woman:

Warm water can aid in menstrual cramps. The heat of the water calms the abdominal muscles, thus curing spasms.

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