The fake reality

When I look in your eyes,
All I can find is pride;
Even though you talk about love,
Why does it feel like a lie.

You help the needy,
Although it is rare;
Is it to support them,
Or just a publicity fair.

Then you visit temples,
To pray to the Gods;
And of course to,
Gain some religious votes.

You work so hard,
That’s what you show;
But at the end here,
You want the money flow.

There are so many,
Who are similar to you;
They talk about love,
But actually love are few.

As they criticize the road,
They blame the government;
At the same time they spit,
Right at its center.

Then they hate, and abuse,
The government and its work;
While forgetting in the process,
They were the ones who chose.

This world is filled with,
Such double faced people;
Who say something nice,
But mean to cripple.

And so, do you still think,
We are heading right;
The world, as it is now,
Won’t lead to a massive fight.


Armed suspect held at Orlando Airport

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A man was screaming on the ground floor near the rental car area of the airport, in the International Terminal, as the cops surrounded him. He pulled out a gun saying, “You’re going to need mental therapy after this.”

It was around 7:24 when the first floor of terminal ‘A’ was cleared by the officers. Police had their weapons drawn at the airport which created a panic among people. And all the roads to the airport were eventually shut down.

Fortunately, no shots were fired either by the man or the police, and things were negotiated with the help of a crisis negotiator. And it turned out that the gun of the suspect was fake.

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That is good to know. No one was hurt and no shots were fired.

Media is “enemy of the American people”

Well, is that right.

#Trump #President #USA #Media #fake #People #WhiteHouse

Trump mentioned that he resents going through the newspapers or watching television to hear reports about the White House. He also mentioned that he knows that a lot of people are happy about his administration since his inauguration.

The latest tweet by Trump criticizing the media was surprisingly liked by 85,000 people, retweeted 23,000 times and forwarded 53,000 times.

In a poll done by Fox News, the White House won the spot of being more truthful than media by 45:42.

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