The month of October.

So October has come, the start of fall,
Or the second Autumn in other parts;
When the trees shed their leaves,
Yet display their beauty in a new way.

The month that starts with midterms,
Whether you are in school or college;
As days pass by, the cold also begins,
And the blanket possesses you in it.

Then comes the Halloween,
When everyone is dressed up scary;
Or different, or real, who knows,
Why does October happen to be so cruel?

Oh wait! Did you forget it?
October also has those two days;
The National Pizza Day and the National,
Dessert Day, what else could you ask for!

Well, to those office goers, or business owners,
It is just another day, and another month;
What matters most is to keep at your goals,
Whether in March or October, isn’t it?

Happy October people, that’s all I can say,
I wish you have another great month;
And to those who are having it rough,
Believe that an opportunity will come.


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It’s today that I decided,
I decided to take the fall,
Let me plunge in darkness,
And let the night consume it all.

For once the sun rises tomorrow,
I will be a new person then,
A different, a diverse person,
With a new thinking, and heart of fun.

Dust thou art, and,
Unto dust shalt thou return,
The saying goes like that,
A truth has never been so f-ing sad.

For it’s the life that matters,
Not just the beginning and end,
How you live and what you gain,
Won’t ever turn to dust and go down the drain.

But I will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes,
And set in front all my wishes,
For the world had seemed so empty,
Until your smile became my goal.

– Siddarth