This Girl

There is just something about this girl,
And the way she smiles at me;
The whole world suddenly calms down,
And the only thing visible is her.

I do talk to her at times,
Sometimes on text, or on call;
And yet it never feels enough,
Until I come and hug her tough.

Looking in her eyes is so peaceful,
As she talks about her day;
I often get lost in the brightness,
And the heart always makes me say.

“You are so beautiful, and practical,
With you, I really want to be;
There is just something about this girl,
And the way she smiles at me.”


Re-Thinking Life: Values

We live this wonderfully built life,
That goes on every single day;
As we ask for more and try,
Our heart gives out a silent roar.

The first thing to remember Joy,
Or happiness as some might call;
Be sure to never put this on risk,
As it is the most important of all.

Next comes kindness,
Or being helpful to others;
Being polite when needed,
Treating everyone like brothers.

Then it is generosity,
Whatever you earn today;
Make sure to save a part of it,
To spend on charity someday.

The fourth one is that of effort,
Be sure to try your best;
Whether it is for a test or a project,
Giving it your all in any fest.

Never sell yourself short,
Whoever the other person is;
We are all born human in this world,
And you are also someone’s bliss.

Always be thankful to others,
That is, try to show gratitude;
For you know, the way you treat them,
Towards you, changes their attitude.

The seventh and golden one,
You already know more about it;
Money is also a part of your life,
Something that you collect bit by bit.

One of the best fact is that,
It is just a single decision,
That can completely turn life around,
So move on, and don’t be down.

That’s the basics about life,
Of course there is much more;
But till you have these in mind,
You won’t have worry at your core.


Wander Away

Seeing the stars in the night,
Strangely I miss the sun;
There are thousands in the sky but,
That ‘one’ glows brighter than anyone.

And I keep searching for that,
As I walk through this endless night;
I wonder if it is something or someone,
That keeps asking me to continue this fight.

At last, I see your soothing smile,
But is it the real thing or is it fake?
The questions lingers on in my mind,
As I continue to stare at that face.

The worries evaporated, the mind calmed,
Clearly, you are no less than an angel;
As you walk past me, I stutter,
And gather the courage to ask your name.

Before you say anything, it is broken,
The dream was lost as I was awoken;
With tears rolling down, I raise up my arms,
Still trying to hold on to that feeling.

I come out of the shower and clean the mirror,
Slowly, shivering, staring deep into my eyes;
Wanting to know what is this empty feeling,
I keep standing there, waiting for an answer.

The phone rings again, and I come back to life,
Knowing what’s going to happen today;
I wear my clothes, and pack the office bag,
Picking up a doughnut on the way.

Still another day that I need to pass,
Another day to have the food truck lunch;
As your colleagues talk about life and work,
The mind wanders away with those feelings again.


Is this even Love?

This feeling of hate, what was it about,

It came for a moment, after the rejection;

A moment ago, I had held out the rose,

But now it were my eyes, that were red.

And yet, the answer came with a pain,

Not sadness, But it was mere anger;

Why was this, and I stupidly asked,

Does love not have any healing?


A flight without loneliness

Now what? He wondered as he took his seat in the aircraft. This was his first time in the airplane.His friend looked at him and smiled, “Don’t get scared now. You promised for the trip, remember? You can’t back out now.”

“I am not scared. Just shut up. Be silent. At least till the aircraft starts driving.”

“Aircraft? Driving? Are you okay?”

“I mean just let the airplane fly. Damn it.”

“You are so hopeless. Is this your first time in an ‘aircraft’?”

“This is my first time in an airplane. So what? I am sure many people sitting here would be feeling the same way. Anxiety. It’s everywhere in the plane.”

“I doubt they will be terrified enough to change ‘flight’ to ‘driving’.”

“That was just a slip of tongue.”

Sure. Anyway, here…”

She leaned towards him and pulled out a pouch from her right jeans pocket. She unzipped the sky-blue colored pouch and took out a pair of earbuds. Then she took out a small candy wrapped in a… sky blue plastic.

Is that just a coincidence or…? He thought.

“It’s just coincidence. I am not insane”, She replied as if reading his mind.

He let out a forced smile and asked “What is that pouch?”

“It is just something I used a lot during my initial trips in a flight. You can call it a Novice air passenger’s kit.”

A novice air passenger’s kit?

“Well it has all the things you need if you haven’t travelled in an airplane much. Fortunately for you, I had kept it since I wasn’t sure if you would need it. But seems like you do need it.”

“I don’t need it.”

“Shut up and take it. Even though it’s just a two hour flight, you might feel a headache and earache.”

Just a two hour flight? What does that even mean? Two hour sitting at the same seat in an airplane. In an airplane! He was about to say this out loud but he thought against it. She will again irritate me with how unbelievable my-first-time-in-airplane sounded like.

“So now take it. Where are you lost!

She had already zipped the ouch and kept it in her pocket. He took the things from her hand, put the ear buds and kept the candy in his mouth. It was a rich mango flavor. He chewed the candy and ate it within a minute.

“The candy was good”, he said, “Thanks.”


“What happened?”

“The candy was to be kept in the mouth till it had completely dissolved. It wasn’t supposed to be chewed on.”

“Well I didn’t know that.

“Oh lord”

She put the hands in her pocket again, pulled the pouch out, and pulled another candy out. But this time also it was wrapped in a sky-blue plastic. She eyed him as if telling, it was a coincidence.

“Well…”, he didn’t know what to say. Or exactly how to say what he wanted to.

“Say a word regarding this and I will hit you.”

Okay okay

Take this, and just let it be in your mouth then. And don’t speak.”

“Yes madame.”

He tore the wrapper and out came the same mango flavored candy. He wouldn’t chew it this time. No. He shouldn’t chew on this. Just keep it in the mouth and all is well.

The airline crew announced that the airplane was ready for take off.

He widened his eyes and then turned to look at her. She had her eyes closed shut and was holding both arm-rests tightly. He smiled looking at her and mumbled Stupid.

He closed his own eyes and kept one hand on the arm-rest, and the other one on top of her hand.

She smiled. It was a two hour journey ahead but a month of vacation.

And it didn’t feel lonely anymore

When you were young what did you learn.What did I learn… that no matter what you do, you will end up being lonely“, He said.

She was shocked after hearing this. She had been his friend since the last five years and never heard this from him. She replied, “But I was there with you since so long.”

“Yes, as I said that I learned that when I was young. But things change. I don’t think I feel lonely anymore.”

“But was this true before you met me?”

“It was. Kind of.”

“Kind of?”

“I had a friend who shifted abroad with his parents. He was my bestfriend. It was in 4th grade I think.”

“And you met me in 7th grade. So what happened in 5th and 6th grades.”

“Well. As I said, I felt lonely. I was lonely.”

“Didn’t you have people to talk to?”

“I did. Of course. But just everything related to class courses. Nothing else. And only during school hours. It felt like I was in a completely different world. They were the same people except something was missing. Just because he left, things seemed different.

“Then how did you find the courage to talk to me? And how did we become such good friends?”

“Good friends? Are we now?

“Again with your lame humour. Shut up and answer my question.”

“Fine. Fine. I think I talked to you in 7th grade, or probably you talked to me. Weren’t you the class monitor, so you talked to me. Probably while handing assignments.”

“Aw. You don’t even remember the first time we talked. That’s so wrong.”

“And you say I have bad humour.”

“So funny you are. Shut up and continue.”

“Okay. Well as I said, you talked to me. And then probably you noticed that I used to stay alone and didn’t talk much with others. So you took pity on me and came to hang out with me during lunch breaks.”

Pity. My foot. Don’t make it sound so depressing. I just talked because I am kind of a loner myself. If you haven’t noticed yet. I talk to everyone since I have been the class monitor all these years. That’s why I think I found you interesting. And I wanted to know what you were thinking. That’s all.”

“Oh really. Haha. So then what do you think I think?”

“Anything that is lame. Obviously.”

“Stupid. Go away.”

“Yeah, yeah. Break is over. Man just let these 12th grade exams be finished. I am going to go on a vacation.”

“Oh, but it’s still two months more. Where to though?”

“It’s a secret. Can’t tell you.”

“Is that so? Well then fuck off.”

“Idiot. I will plan something where we both could go. Let’s have a time of our life.”

“That’s more like it. Sid the kid is the deal.”

“Shut up. Let’s just go back to class.”