The hall-end

In the hallway he looked at the door, still wondering if he should enter. The sign in the hallway clearly stated to not come in this direction, but that rule had already been broken as he had entered anyway.

So why was he hesitant now. Maybe because he wanted to know about the secret behind the door, yet was not sure if he wanted to find out.

Michael reached for the door knob. He looked towards the other end of hallway to check that no one was watching.

Before he had completely turned the knob, he heard a click sound from inside. The door wouldn’t open.

Michael asked,”Who is there?” and there was no sound. Not even a little snap.

He repeated again, and was met by a giggling sound this time.

“Why have you locked the door? What’s inside?”, he questioned.

The giggling stopped and a voice replied, “Nothing of interest to you.”

Michael wanted to break open the door but knew that he would only end up hurting his leg. He tried to peep thorugh the keyhole, but was startled to see another eye at the other end. Startled, he fell backwards and shouted, “Let me in!”

The voice replied, “okay. But first listen to this:

There are things that shouldn’t be seen,
Things that shouldn’t be made public
Because such stuff can change the time,
And turn peace into a cruel war.

“okay. Now open!”, said Michael.

“Have you no sense, boy?”, the voice replied again, “Listen to more:

As the boy approached the ring,
It’s power and his curiosity merged;
They both became entangled in each other,
Until the hobbit destroyed them both.

There was no reply. The eye inside the room peeped through the keyhole again but all it could see was the backdrop of an the colored wall.

“Where did the boy go?”, the voice whispered to itself.

All that was to be heard was a muffled snoring sound in the hallway.

Family or Earning? or Earning for family? – A Short

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Rohit said in a serious tone, “Don’t call me now, I am in a meeting.”

Sona – “But this is important.”

Rohit was a bit angry now. He replied, “Are you serious? I am making money for the family. What can be more important than that? Stop calling. Please.”

Then he hung up on her.

The meeting went well, however there was this nagging question in the back of his mind. Did he actually had to be so hard on her? Couldn’t he have just listened to her for a moment. Nothing would have been wrong.

The mind replied, “No. I am so busy and stressed with the job. I am trying to earn here. I need more any more trouble or favors from anyone right now.”

But she is my wife. I need to respect her wishes, every single one.

The mind reiterated, “No. I am trying to earn here. I don’t want any trouble from anyone. Whether my wife or not.”

Okay. I suppose you are right. I am busy here. I need to work more.

It was 5 pm.

It was 6 pm.

At 7, he finally had some dinner by himself. I suppose I can eat dinner with my colleagues. It doesn’t matter that they work under me right? I mean we are all human beings in need of food at the time.

The mind replied, “No. You can’t do that. You are the boss here. You can’t eat with your employees. Do you even hear how ridiculous that sounds? You need to eat alone so that you can focus on the business while eating. That is how you work harder.”

But don’t you think it might be more productive if I talk to my employees in a more casual way. It might be good to know their views and what they think about current projects, obstacles and products.

The mind, as adamant as it was, shouted in the head, “NO! No talking to employees. You are the boss. Figure something out. If you start having normal conversation with employees, then you won’t be considered special and you won’t be respected.”

I suppose you are right. I am the boss here. I need the respect.

It was 9pm now. Finally it was time to go home. I will go and wish goodnight to the office while everyone is leaving.

The mind said, “I suppose that is fine.”


After around 15 minutes, everyone had left the building. Rohit was still in his car. There was also a guy who needed to go home, probably, but the bus stop was about half a mile down the road. Rohit recognized that he worked in the IT department in his office.

I think I can drop him at the bus stop in my car.

The mind said, “No. No way.”

But look, he needs to go to the bus stop. I will just drop him there.

The mind replied, “Don’t. Please. He is your employee, if you favor him once, he might ask you again tomorrow and then another day, and then everyday. You can’t help him.”

I am sure he won’t ask everyday. He does seem to respect me that much. It might be fine for just this once.

The mind replied angrily, “I said no. You don’t know if he will ask again or not. Maybe he won’t respect you anymore if you lend a hand of support. No. You are already paying a salary to your employees, what is the need to go out and support anymore more.”

I assume you are right. I am indeed paying them a salary already.

Rohit started the ignition, switched on the headlights and rolled away in his car.

He reached house in 20 minutes, mainly due to less traffic in the road at this late hour.

I wonder, what is it that Sona wanted from me.

Rohit rang the doorbell. Sona came and opened the door. She looked a little sad, probably because of their conversation on the phone.

Rohit asked, “What happened? I am sorry for that. I was really busy.”

Sona replied, “It is okay. I just wanted to know if you wanted to have dinner with me and Dhruv today. You have been so busy in office the last few days, so I thought a family outing wouldn’t be bad. Dhruv has also been missing you.”

Rohit – “That is why you called me? I told you I was in a meeting!”

Sona – “You are always in a meeting.”

Rohit – “Yes. Because I am working all day. Your teacher job is just from 9 to 4 in the morning. It is pretty much a half-day for me. I don’t have free time like that.”

The back of Rohit’s mind throbbed. Why. Why do you have to be like that. I mean, you came home. Just hug your wife and say that you will eat together tomorrow. Why not take some love.

The mind said, “No, because I am earning. For the family.

Yes. I wonder what is the use of that money.

While Son’a mind thought I just wanted to lighten his burden. Why does he act that way. I wish I could help him somehow. It pains me to see how hard he is trying. If only I could also do more.



Ever heard of the term Hammerspace?

#Fiction #Anime #Games #Hammerspace #Extra-Dimensional

Well ever wondered how to characters and cartoons can produce objects out of thin air?

Hammerspace is an extradimensional, instantly accessible storage area in fiction, which is used to explain how animated, comic, and game characters can produce objects out of thin air.

Just imagine you are able to compress matter and carry innumerable small objects (which in reality are as big as skyscrapers) in your inventory, then you have the ability to be able to build an entire city with just the inventory.

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The battle of Gargadia Part 1

I can’t think of anything. After what I just saw, will anyone be able to think of anything. Just what was that, and why me? Why was I the one who had to see it? Diane gasped. She was having a hard time adjusting to her suit, and now that event had made her limbs go numb. She spoke, “Shake” in her soft voice, the helmet made the sound echo in her ears, and the suit began to shake. It was a good way to awaken your limbs, a feature that many of the flyers found useful during a long flight. But considering the speed of the suits, there was hardly any destination within the solar system that required a long flight.She commanded, “Stop” and the shaking stopped. The limbs were active again, she stretched her hands and legs as much as she could. She sighed. At last.

Diane was ready to go now. She touched both her ankles and the suit started to propel forward. This new model of the suit was much better than the previous one, in which you had to choose through several options from the tabloid on your wrist and press the fly option. This alone took at least 10 seconds.

Diane increased her speed to the maximum and commanded “Unlock sword.” The katana-like sword slid out from an opening in the right hand of her suit. She grabbed the hilt, and still at maximum speed flew onward to the Battle that had already taken away the most important part of her life.

She could see the battle from a distance now. With mixed emotions of anger, overwhelm, fear, nervousness and helplessness, she looked at the ongoing battle. It was still a minute away from her current location and yet the tears weren’t stopping.

The yellow hue, of suits and space ships getting exploded, could be seen from afar but it still gave goosebumps to anyone who would be watching it, realising that with every explosion a human or two was being killed. Diane crashed into the battle of Gargadia, ready to avenge the death of her beloved, Donald.

Being the Second commanding officer had its perks in itself. The suits were much faster and upgraded to the best technology but instead of the two fusion cores provided in the suits of the Commanding officer, these carried just one. This was because using two fusion cores required a great deal of power, and even a Second commanding officer wouldn’t be able to handle that much mental pressure.

Although in the presence of these normal enemy soldiers, Diane was at an advantage. The enemy general had returned to his quarters after killing the Commanding officer, Donald, right in front of Diane. In return, Diane was able to kill the Second in command of the enemy, but that wasn’t enough. It was the rule, once the Commanding officer of either army dies then it is the end of the battle. The battle was lost, no matter what Diane did. All she could do was let out all her frustration on the normal enemy soldiers, and kill as many as she could. That was what the battle had come to, that was what drove her to fight even after the loss, the thirst for revenge.