Things of the Past

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The things of the past,

Surround us in the dark

And when in the light,

It makes ourselves fight

Where we learn next,

That those things of the past

We let stop our lives,

Covered our body with knives

But there is still time to let go,

Let go of that past

To enjoy the present,

And walk a fresh path.

– Siddarth

The Cycle!

Fight! Because that’s how you will resolve.

Resolve! Because that’s when you will research.

Research! Because that’s when you get a chance to build.

Build! Because that’s when you can win.

Win! Because that’s when you will be able to rule/give.

Rule! Because that’s when you will be able to Fight again.

Work hard or casually?

I was just thinking, it might sound weird but listen: I want to reach the top and be the best, and for that I need to work hard all the time and not be able to chat casually with others. When I see others doing nothing much then it irritates me and makes me think why do I have to do that much. Then I realized today that other people might not be wanting to be the best. They might be satisfied with what they are and have. They can keep going casually laughing with friends and doing their thing. Then I thought what is the use of doing so much that I do. And it made me sad and irritated. And I lost focus from everything.


We are all broken from inside. Just a nudge, and we can fall;

We are all living to survive. Just a budge, and we begin to brawl.