Tower in fire – London

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Early morning on Wednesday, a fire broke out in a 27-storey tower in the White City district, London. Most of the residents were trapped inside their homes in the Ltimer Road’s Grenfell Tower at the Lancaster West Estate tower block. The smoke could easily be seen from most spots in the city.

Around 40 fire engines with 200 firefighters were involved in putting off the fire. The fire, that started in the 2nd floor, eventually spread to the top floor. There were a few injured that were treated as needed. London Ambulance service sent a number of vehicles to the scene.

Residents on the higher floors were reportedly flashing torch-lights to be rescued. The cause of the fire has not been ascertained yet. There is also fear among the people in the area that considering the seriousness of the fire, the tower might collapse.

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Please pray for speedy recovery for the injured.

I don’t understand though. Weren’t there any sprinkler system/extinguishers in the building itself to help a little with the fire. The fire spread from 2nd floor to the top floor, that takes time.

And it burned down..

The fire was rising. The house had been burnt down, just like he wanted. He had dug a perimeter around the house about two inches wide and filled it with water. This would prevent the fire from spreading. Inside the perimeter he had poured gasoline everywhere, flowers, trees, the house, cabinets, furniture. He had left the stove on, so that when the fire reaches the kitchen, the blast will surely crumble everything to pieces. There was no one at home and he just wanted the insurance money to come his way. His lawyer had confirmed at least a hundred times if he wanted to go along with the plan, and he had nodded every single time in return. There was no point in selling the house since the insurance money was much more. He and his lawyer could just make something up like an accidental fire, and it was up to his lawyer to prove it in the court.It was the only house he had lived in, been born in, laughed and cried in, and now burned. He didn’t care about it but when the deed was done, when he was looking at the flames consume his home, he hesitated. He was sweating and his mind went blank.

What was I doing? A sound inside him called out. Why did I do this.

Another sound responded, It is okay. It is not a big deal. Houses burn everyday.

But how many houses are burned by the owner who was born there. The first sound replied.

It doesn’t matter. It’s been done. Nothing can change now, said the second sound. The fire growled as if agreeing with the statement.

Wooden beams fell, the curtains, walls, everything caught fire. And then it happened.

The fire reached the gas pipe and there was an ear-deafening sound. The windows blasted outside and the beams fell all over. Within a minute the house had collapsed and the foundation creaked a little. The underground foundations were strong, though the house had fallen, the foundation beams, now charred, were still standing.

But as the fire reached deeper and deeper blasting of the gas lines completely, the foundations seemed to tremble. And after about twenty seconds the foundation, every single pillar, broke down into pieces. It was gone. The house with the foundation, nothing was left. It felt like the support from his life had been withdrawn. What remained was the thought of claiming insurance money.

He stood there, silently. Thirty minutes passed. It was almost leveled now and the fire was getting dimmer. The more he pondered the more he thought about his past. The memories he had of the place. How it looked like when he was a child. Perhaps there was no balcony that side. The first time he had called his girlfriend over and kissed her on the terrace. The first birthday party with his friends. Everything came jumbled up and hit him on the face like a cold breeze in a sunny beach.

He shook his head as if to forget the feeling and the pleasant thoughts. He decided that he won’t think about it anymore and turned around. He whispered Goodbye. And kept walking till he reached his car. The day was over and the darkness had enveloped the dimming light of the fire.