There is this feeling inside you,
That you keep within yourself;
Because if revealed it can cause havoc,
And pull out the trembling within.

How does this feeling arise,
Because you just had a fight?
With the person sitting next to you,
as they kept disturbing you.

Or was it because you were playing,
And the power went out;
Suddenly all the progress you had made,
Had drained to nothing from ten.

Was it because you were working,
And had just found the mistake, the bug;
But as soon as you had corrected it,
The computer suddenly hung up.

Maybe you just had a fight,
With one of your colleagues;
Because they sat on the desk,
That you had been sitting in.

No, it was because you had a fight,
And she didn’t reply you back;
After she had cancelled the date,
That you had so perfectly planned.

There is always this feeling,
There always comes this anger;
That we have to hide within,
Because letting out will be a danger.

But apart from this you must learn,
Learn to forgive all of them;
For that, which has caused anger today,
Can be the sweetest thing tomorrow friend.


Often we misread, misinterpret

#shortstory #life #mistakes #calm #notice #misread #forgive

“Who are you? How can you just kick it like that? Why the hell did you kick it like that?”

“It’s not my fault, I was walking and didn’t notice that I kicked it. I realized only after the kick had already happened.”

“What the hell? How can you not notice where you are walking? It’s not like there is a lot of stuff here to watch out for. And still you steeped on it. Almost literally.”

“No. It wasn’t intentional. Believe me. I would never do such a thing. And more ever, never to a person as cute as you.”

“Don’t try to escape from your stupid act with sweet words. That will make me even more angry.”

“Yes, yes. I am sorry. I won’t do it again.”

“Won’t do it again? Like we will ever see each other again. Good bye stranger. Thank you for ruining the day.”

“I am sorry. Please stay a while. I will be going now.”

“Please go then.”

“Good bye.”

He bowed his head. His friend took his arm and made him follow, this time ever more cautiously.

The girl was shocked. And here I was thinking that the sunglasses were just for show. Were those sunglasses? I feel ashamed. This is wrong. She continued to stare at the figure of those two men, one leaning slightly on the other and following slowly.