The bird

The birds soar high
Higher than the eyes can look
In the light of the sun
Where there is no law or crook

They look down from the clouds
Trying to understand the land
The vastness and greenery
Or the gloominess of the scenery

They fly above the industry
The plastic as well as the water
Hovering around till they sit
Because of all the exhaustion

Then they also see the attractions
The tallest building or the torch statue
And how people laugh and enjoy
But they think, is this the truth or a lie?

And we want to be like that bird
Soaring high above and seeing the rush
Feeling the wind on our skin
And the calmness of the sun


James Conleevv

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May you stand just like a mountain in a storm along the sea and may you always find the answer to be free.

Charles Bukowski

This one is so true. I just met one such person only a month back! 😊

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A free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good when you are near or with them.

So enjoy your moments, each one of them.

A short story from Me!

Once I left, I realised what had changed. Whether it was good for me or bad for them, I didn’t care. I just walked, got into the car and drove away. The tears welled up for no reason. It was my choice to go but I didn’t understand, Why were there tears in my eyes, why was my mind cloudy and why wasn’t I able to drive straight. I stopped the car. I didn’t realise it was the middle of the road. After a second, I realised that there were cars honking behind me. I took a deep breath, started the car again and stopped it at the side of the road. I was all alone now, just what I wanted. I thought, “Exactly what I wanted…”. Still the tears didn’t stop, I wanted to shout out loud and I did. The car windowpane was down and some of the passer by looked at me like I was a super popped popcorn. I rolled up the window quickly and closed my eyes. I could hear my heartbeat. As if by some unnatural force, both my hands came up to my face and I slapped myself hard. This unexplainable activity broke my trance. I lowered my hands and looked at my palm. “Yes”, I thought, “This was my decision. My decision. It is time to go.” I started the car and moved on.