The sights to freedom – 2

"Shine bright. Live brighter, even if the sky is clouded." It has been a tough day for Seko. He didn't get up on time, didn't follow the schedule and later on in the day he was so de-motivated that he just went to sleep. This was Day #1 and he acted like a kid who … Continue reading The sights to freedom – 2

As the day arrives closer…

As the day arrives closer, Said to be the final day of the year; The mind thinks about, The happiness, was I able to hear? As the day arrives closer, Said to be the last of 2018; I look myself in the mirror, Did I change to adult from a teen? As the day arrives … Continue reading As the day arrives closer…

What you should learn…

#life #criticism #rules #freedom #understanding It's not right to live the life by the rules of others. You will eventually face criticism and make your own rules. Better, you just start by that.

Richard Branson

#Morning #Motivation #life #happiness #freedom #courage #quoteoftheday #RichardBranson The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage. So keep pushing with confidence! 🙂

Found on the fence wall.

"Look at me peeps! " #Bird #House #Freedom #Pose #MorningFindings

Freedom, With wings

She flew like a fairy. The wings were real! So light yet so big that they could envelope her in their softness. Slowly, she rose above the ground, her wings moving back and forth so gracefully and quietly that you would keep looking at it in awe and won't even hear a sound. She felt … Continue reading Freedom, With wings