To my friend’s girlfriend

I wonder what's so special, It is just a birthday; The day you came on this earth, And led my friend astray. Startled by your beauty, He had nothing to say; Even going to China, Just for your sake. Can it get any better? Celebrating this day; With the person you like, Creating your own … Continue reading To my friend’s girlfriend

The Giants beneath

#Story #mystery #giants #house #friend #love #drama Ravi hadn't told her yet. He had invited Fiona to his apartment on her day off but hadn't been able to speak a single word about it. Looking at her he couldn't help but think How much time has it been? Three years right? Three years since we … Continue reading The Giants beneath

A short!

He looked up at the sky. Was this for real? When did his world get turned like that? He couldn't recall what had started this change in him. Tears rolled down his cheeks. Vivid images of Diane came pouring in his mind. In one she was cooking pasta in the kitchen, in another she was … Continue reading A short!