A day of thoughts

Adam said:

Going through life you realize that you have left so many things. Some emotions, time with family, a relationship, living in it’s own right. You left so many things just to achieve your own dreams, to get your head wrapped around those feasible ideas that you had always thought were possible. And yet, when you look around now, you aren’t able to find the thing you wanted the most initially. That is to say, your happiness. Because after all, it was always there hidden behind your own smile. Nowhere else. Not in the stack of those $100 bills or behind the wheel of that convertible. It might have been on the lips of the girl who broke up, or in the tears of the parents who saw you after years.

The charm of that young night when you held the hands, the scent of the air when you dived in her eyes and the warmth of the head that rested on your shoulder. All was for them that you had risen, they were the reason that you had left everything to focus on the dreams, and yet. In the end, neither the dreams and nor the past moments were enough for that happiness.

Right now, all I do is to pray for the light as it shines on others, God provide me with the fight to survive the life. After all, there are still so many moments to cherish and even more to store as faithful memories, as pictures on the phone and videos on the recorder.

Sid replied:

You, for sure, need to give up on your phone. And READ.

Moving to the end

People live across the world,
Hoping to build a world;
But a few idiots are always present,
To make everyone remind the past.

No matter how the things are,
No matter if things turned out well;
Such creatures will always call,
On the things that made it all fell.

Why do you even listen,
To all those people staying stagnant;
Does this country not wish to move,
Why remain with the complaining scent.

Cmmon countrymen, you are better,
Why not think of the future;
What’s with all the ruckus in the news,
Why not help each other nurture!


Immortals choice

From the depths of his heart,
He searched for a new life;
Lying that everything will be fine,
Even while his neck was on the knife.

He had known the pain of death,
Knew how it had taken his wife;
As well as the parents who were old,
And had gone to sleep with a smile.

But now the time was different,
In this twenty-second century;
When immortality was a common thing,
And death was not of relevance.

The fertility rate had dropped low,
That was something you give up;
If you had chosen to be immortal,
You won’t have any child luck.

As life continued without hassles,
It was a dream come true;
With immortality came such resistance,
That no diseases could effect you.

The philosophers said there was one drawback,
The only thing that pushed us back;
Was that people were immortal,
So there wasn’t progress in thinking ahead.

Alas, every thing has a pro and con,
At times it seems that the pros are more;
But as time passes and is seen,
You realize that the cons have pros shadowed.

It’s a trade that you will have to make,
To choose a life that is long;
Or to have a generation that is new,
What will you choose, to write this new song.

– Siddarth

Jeremy Bloom

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Don’t allow the good days to go to our head or the bad days to take over our hearts. What happened in the past is less important than what we will do in the future.

Ali Ibn Abi Talib

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How foolish is man! He ruins the present while worrying about the future, but weeps in the future by recalling his past!

Well said, but what else can we do? After all, we are all in the Rat race for money.

C.S. Lewis

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There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

John F. Kennedy

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Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.


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You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.

Past – Future

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Each one of us has a past. Some of it is good, and some is bad. And every person carries the burden of his/her past as they live. They carry the weight of the wrong decisions they made, and the warmth of the right ones. They carry the burden of the chances not taken, and carry the consequences of the chances taken. They carry the connection with others they met along the way, and they carry the loneliness when there was no one to support them.

But what you are doing right now, what you are right now – is it a sum of all those events, those experiences and those people? If that is the case, is it necessary to remember all what has passed through, or close your eyes and work in the present.

Do you want to carry on the burden or the happiness of the past and be drunk in those thoughts of the past? Or do you want to do something now and live for the moment? Of course, we might do something right now, to seek something more from it in the future, but those are all dreams and desires.

You see, the future everyone imagines, everyone craves, is a happy one and a blessed one. The past everyone has might be happy or might be sad. So look forward, towards the future, and pounce on that chance of happiness, instead of living and thinking of the past.

Smart Gadgets by Trevor Noah

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Wait till you get to the Alexa part. 😀