Lazy Writer.

Today has been so lazy. I didn’t do anything productive or completed a worthwhile task. I didn’t even feel like typing all this, but it needs to be done, so I dragged myself to write this script”, said an exhausted writer to his secretary.

“Why are you like this today? What did you do all day that you are so tired? I want to know”, the secretary asked wondering what the reason could be.

“What did I do? Well I went and studied for a couple of hours, talked to a couple of managers regarding the production and then…well…”, said the writer as he recalled his activities for the day.

“Well…?”, questioned the secretary curiously.

“Well then I played about four hours of game. And it got me mentally tired because I had to repeat a rank because of a couple of stupid mistakes. I mean, why? People aren’t playing good and then we have to suffer as a group. A team needs to work together and in a disciplined way to attain victory”, the annoyed writer spoke.

The secretary smiled after hearing this. “I suppose you can act normal as well at times. And yes, mistakes are stupid. Even worse are cases when you get dragged down by others not performing well. That happens all the time and no one can control the actions of another person. That’s just how it is. So you need to deal with it, no other way around”, explained the secretary calmly.

“You are correct. I don’t play much, but for some reason I played for four continuous hours today, probably because I wanted to win after those bad matches. And yet, I couldn’t catch a single victory today”, chuckled the writer as he spoke about his own loss.

“And anyway you shouldn’t play this much. Focus on writing something better for next time instead of wasting time like this. You need to get back to your senses”, scolded the secretary.

“Fine, you don’t have to tell me like that. It was just today, a spur of the moment if I might say, it won’t happen again. I am already thinking of the book I was planning to write, and thanks to the games, I finally got an idea of what could I include in that book”, said the writer proudly, “It will be about this world, and the games we all play with each other.”


Emotional mis-steps.

“Stop it! Why do you keep gaming? What is so great about it? You should do something productive with your time”, Alex’s father scolded him.

“But I am good at it. See I am already ranked in Diamond class, only a handful of players can reach this stage”, Alex replied, “I am only 19, so I might even be able to make a career in this.”

“Did you just say a career? Are you an idiot? Who will allow there kid to be a gamer. Will you be even able to earn anything. Stop the day dreaming and focus on your study. Next time I see you playing, I will throw the computer away. You should go to sleep now”, the father warned and shut the door.

Alex was very angry. He thought about running away, then he was just sad as he didn’t have any other place to go. He just kept on looking at the game screen for another hour, thinking, “why is this so bad. Why is gaming considered bad? People even play sports and a lot more people try and fail at sports than gaming, in that way gaming has a much higher chance for a person to succeed”, and so his thoughts continued. Before he realized, he went to sleep on the chair with his head resting on the keyboard.

Next morning his father woke him up. He was looking at Alex with disgust. As Alex lifted his head from the keyboard, accidentally pressing some of the keys. He could see a familiar screen on the monitor and after realizing what it was, he turned his head towards his father, scared of what’s coming.

His father punched the wall, only to get hurt himself. He shook his hand and began blowing on it slowly.

All this time Alex was just watching, not knowing what to do, not knowing what to think. He kept looking at his father as he slowly blowed on his knuckles.

After about five minutes his father spoke, much slowly, hoping that Alex would understand, “Please Alex. I can understand by the way you say it, that you must be good at gaming. That’s good. But families don’t earn on games. They need real job. I am already 45 and would want to retire in another 5-10 years. In the time I ask you to do something meaningful with your life so that you can stand up on your own feet. I know you are capable of doing anything if you put your mind to it. So start doing something productive.”

Alex was speechless, it was hard to reply to the weak voice of his father. He wanted to say, “I am confident! I can win and earn from gaming. I can join a professional team. I can make a name for myself”, but he couldn’t gather the courage to say that. Tears began to roll out from his eyes and he just nodded to whatever he heard.

“Thank you, his father replied. I believe in you. You can do so much more.”, his father repeated, and hugged him.

  • Siddarth

Microsoft Xbox One X release

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Microsoft Xbox One X, the company’s smallest and most powerful video-game console, will be released in November 7, 2017. The device will carry a price tag of $499, and is designed to work with new generation 4K television sets that offer greater picture quality as well as games that offer ever-more-realistic scenes of car races and fantasy worlds.

The announcement came at the start of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles on Sunday. Fortunately, the new console will be compatible with older Xbox games and accessories.

The console is designed for gamers who want the ‘best features and performance’, and who also owns a TV for such a purpose.

However, previously the sales for Xbox One were hurt when it had a $499 price tag, which people found very expensive. So, considering price plays an important part to attract customers, it will be hard to tell the success of the console until it is released in November.

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A new console! I won’t call myself a console gamer, but the way consoles are expanding and providing better video/gaming quality is amazing. Eventually, something like a Nervegear will be released.

Destiny 2 to be released!

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The long awaited news for the release date and price for Destiny 2 is out. Destiny 2 is to be released on September 8 (Mark your calendar people!). There will also be a Destiny 2 beta version for people who are going to pre-order the game, however no release date for the beta has been announced yet.

The game content will be available to the PS4 awhile before coming to the PC and Xbox One, mainly due to Destiny’s exclusive marketing ties with Sony.

Now for the pricing, Destriny 2 will be having different editions. The standard edition will have a price tag of $60, the limited edition will be for $99 and the collector’s edition will be for $249.99. You can watch the game’s teaser video here.

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Where did the Pokémon Go for Apple iWatch go

Developer Ninatic revealed Pokémon Go at Apple’s iPhone 7 event. But what Ninatic showed during the event was an unfinished port as per he sources. This is strange as it was described as a companion app having features such being able to tap the Apple Watch as you approached a PokeStop.

Pokémon Go developer Ninatic revealed on twitter that the app will still come to iWatch but the exact date or other details about the release was not mentioned.

At his point Ninatic hasn’t given detailed about why it stopped the development of the Pokémon Go iWatch app. In a email response from Ninatic, the respond regarding the app was “If demand for an Apple Watch port increases, we will continue development of a port.”

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Super Mario Run, will it be big?

Nintendo premiered its new, highly anticipated “Super Mario Run” mobile game for iOS devices on December 15, 2016. The app became the most downloaded app within an hour of its launch, as reported by Recode. However, the app for android devices is expected to be released on Android devices in early 2017. The app is expected to have 500 million downloads on the Apple store by March 2017, and 1 billion downloads on all operating systems.

The release comes right after the successful run of Pokemon Go. The popularity of this game resulted in Nintendo’s shares increase by sixty percent! However, the shares fell 4.66 percent to 26,300 Yen, a fall of 10.57 percent this week, partially due to investor perception that the company’s new mobile push is a risky strategy.

The fall is also partly due to the price tag of Super Mario Run. Although the app is free to download, you need to pay an extravagant $9.99 to unlock the full game. Considering this game is still cheaper than having in-game purchases as often the case in mobile apps, Super Mario Run could be worth the money. Some analysts remain upbeat about the popularity and revenue potential of the app. Read the full article here.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy to be out next year!

Many of us are familiar with the Uncharted series games on PlayStations. Remember the character Chloe Fraser from Uncharted 2 and Nadine Ross from Uncharted 4? They both will be the leading protagonists in this instalment of the Uncharted series.

The Uncharted series creator NaughtyDog is also calling this the first stand alone story chapter in the Uncharted series, meaning it will have no story link whatsoever to the previous Uncharted games.

One of the best part about this game is that the story appears to be set in India. There are Indian soldiers talking in Hindi.

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Personally I have played the first three instalments of the series (Uncharted 1,2 and 3: Nathan drake’s legacy) and I enjoyed them, so this will be one of the games on my bucket list to try out!