Who was it that gave you birth, Was it a man or a mother; I am sure you remember, Those subtle hands as they held you nearer. Who is the one that hears your screams, As you cry out in the night; Feeding you with her own self, As you grow up in her light. … Continue reading Equals.

Women go on strike on International Women’s day

#women #InternationalWomensDay #US #Trump #red #equality #gender Many women in the United States stayed home, joined rallies or wore red on Wednesday to demonstrate how vital they are to the US economy. (Women make up more than 47% of the American workforce and are majorly among registered nurses, dental assistants, cashiers, accountants and pharmacists) Women … Continue reading Women go on strike on International Women’s day

A world for everyone!?

The pain, it wasn't stopping. It felt her heart was ripping apart. Right at that moment, it felt like all the worries she had ever felt in her life had come pouring into her mind. She wanted to scream but the cloth tied around her mouth blocked all the sound and shrieks she wanted to … Continue reading A world for everyone!?