Putin is satisfied with Trump’s decision to withdraw from Paris Pact

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Putin mentioned “Don’t worry, be happy!” on being asked for his reaction on Trumps decision regarding the withdrawal of US from the Paris Climate Pact. Putin might be satisfied with Trump’s decision, considering Russia is the largest crude oil producer and fifth largest greenhouse emitter in the world.

Russia pledged to reduce its carbon emissions by at least 25 percent below 1990 levels by 2030. Under current projections, Russia could step up its carbon emissions and still claim to meet its 2030 goals. There are currently no utility-scale wind turbines or solar farms in Russia.

However, Putin seem to be aware of the man-made carbon emissions and the global warming caused by it, unlike President Trump who still says that global warming is partly an elaborate hoax.

Putin also joked that everyone can blame the Trump administration and American Imperialism for the impacts of global warming.

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Well. Russia seems to be satisfied. I wish US can come to terms, and in turn at least launch a campaign to protect its own environment and control its pollution, if it doesn’t feel like helping other countries.

Iceberg the size of 2000 square miles to break off from Antarctica

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An iceberg in the Larsen C ice shelf is very close to breaking from the ice shelf. The iceberg has a size of around 2000 square miles, which is 0.035% of Antarctica. There won’t be any change in sea level after it’s breakage since the iceberg is already afloat.

The crack between the iceberg and rest of Larsen C shelf grew a stunning 11 miles in just 7 days, from May 25 to May 31. Only 8 more miles is left before the iceberg is completed separated from the ice shelf.

It was also noted that the crack has curved towards the front of the ice shelf and the ocean, meaning that the time when a major break could occur is probably very close.

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So global warming/climate change impacts are small at present, but if the same continues, we will have a disaster at our hand.

Extreme temperatures to continue globally

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2016 saw record temperatures, shrinking sea ice and surging sea levels. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warned on Tuesday that the signs appear to be the same this year also, with extreme temperatures.

Last year, global average temperatures were also the highest on record last year; sea levels continued to rise; and Arctic sea ice levels were far below average, it found, warning that greenhouse gas emissions were the main driver behind the warming trend.

The organization also said that with the increase in technological capabilities, it is now possible to clearly demonstrate the links between man-made climate change and high-impact extreme events.

Changes in the Arctic and melting sea ice are leading to a shift in wider oceanic and atmospheric circulation patters. This is also effecting weather elsewhere, since it impacts the waves in the jet stream.

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Severe coral bleaching at Great Barrier Reef

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The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), which carried out the first survey for 2017 over the area between Carins and Townsville in Queensland state, declared widespread damage from an underwater heatwave.

It is believed that the cause of bleaching of large areas of coral is warmer water temperatures. Warm waters force corals to expel algae living within their tissues, turning themselves white. The coral may die on the six to 12 months after bleaching.

It was estimated that two-thirds of coral coverage died in a 700 km stretch of the reef north of Port Douglas last year due to bleaching.

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Arctic sea ice

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There is a good news and a bad news.

The good news is that summer ice cover is certain to survive if average global warming does not rise more than 1.5 degree Celsius above pre-industrial era levels.

The bad news is that Scientists are far less sure this goal can be achieved. It is believed that we may see the first year of 1.5 degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels within a decade.

The 1.5 degree Celsius is the goal laid down in the 196-nation Paris climate pact. A target of 2 degree Celsius was identified as the guardrail for dangerous warming. A 2 degree Celsius rise would give humanity a coin-toss chance of keeping the North Pole white.

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New key enzyme to recycle greenhouse gas?!

Scientists have found a new way to recycle the greenhouse gas and combat two of the major problems in the world: Global Warming and Energy Shortage. The enzyme discovered can covert Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to Carbon Monoxide (CO) efficiently. The Carbon Monoxide produced can easily be used for commercial applications like biofuel synthesis.

The findings came as a surprise to the group, as Nitrogenase was only previously believed to convert Nitrogen (N2) to Ammonia (NH3) within the bacterium under similar conditions. They found out they could express the reductase component of the Nitrogenase enzyme alone in the bacterium Azotobacter vinelandii and directly use this bacterium to convert CO2 to CO. This will help in large scale production of CO. Read the full article here.

Polar sea Ice record low this year!

The sea ice is at record lows this time of the year, both in the Arctic and Antarctic. Scientists believe that the shrinking ice at both ends of the planet is due to the global greenhouse gases, the El Niño weather that released the heat from the Pacific Ocean and other natural incidents. Scientists say that Worldwide, this year is the warmest on record.

It was noted that the extent of Polar Sea Ice on Dec 4th was 3.84 million square kilometres less than the 1981-2010 average.  This difference is almost the size of India!

John Turner of British Antarctic Survey, said that the recovery of Ozone layer over Antarctica may also be a phenomenon in this.

Due to the recent increase in floods, heat waves and rising sea levels, almost 200 governments pledged last year to phase out fossil fuels this century. President-elect Donald Trump has called global warming a man-made hoax, but has recently said that he is keeping an open mind regarding the issue.

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