The effortless Mind

You keep thinking all the time,
Whether it is good or bad;
Going through the phases of life,
You realize what you didn’t have.

Initially everything was so simple,
You had to be awake and look;
You cried at times, laughed at others,
Your thoughts were like an open book.

Then you learned to walk,
Oh how tedious a job it was;
And you made new friends,
Even had the choice to choose your food.

Till now you have learned a lot,
And you are in elementary school;
As you make more friends,
You realize enemies are also born.

In high school you have learned all texts,
But girlfriends and colleges fill you up;
As you scram to get the best scores,
With sleepless nights tired as fuck.

Now in college you hangout and chill,
What could be more comfortable than this;
TV Shows, parties and games,
With all that your life is filled.

Now towards the end of college,
You scram again to find a job;
You regret all those sleepless nights,
Spent in parties and not in study hall.

Now at the job you are responsible,
For a particular department and people;
You hold your head high and think,
Was what I studied in college worth at all?

As people marry, and have kids,
Settling down in a particular town;
The heart grieves because of loneliness,
And you focus on getting the promotion ahead.

Oh mind, just what are you?
You keep learning throughout the time;
Yet the most important question is a riddle,
That why were you sent to live this life?


Finding Clarity: Tiny Buddha

How to Find Clarity when you are confused about what to do

#Clarity #calmdown #peace #growUp #enjoy #live

This is an amazing article by Dr. Amy Johnson and I ask you to read it if you feel indecisive at the moment.

“Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself.” – Cicero

Amy Johnson writes how we are often disillusioned by our mind into thinking, and more thinking which leads to even more thinking. And this stresses us out, distracting us from the main purpose. Tens of thoughts wander around in our head and we continue to entertain them because we think that just somehow those thoughts might be important for us. This makes to live very cautiously and in a planned way, worrying about everything.

Read this article to understand more!

Hakuna Matata (No worries)